Personal Electronic Device Use Policy

Posted by Joe Derrig on 6/19/2019

Personal Electronic Device Use Policy
Office User Specialist
1. Students will silence or turn electronic devices off during class. Devices should be kept in students backpack or bag and placed under their desk throughout the class period.
2. If electronic devices are required or allowed for class or allowed during an independent activity, students will be informed.
If electronic devices are allowed during class students will:
a. Only use them to complete assignments or labs that are related to the instructional lesson.
b. Not send text messages or make calls to others in or outside of class.
c. Not play games.
d. Not use or listen to music during exams or quizzes.
e. Not record any image, video, or audio of other students or the teacher without permission.
f. Not post any recordings or images without permission.
g. Practice internet safety with online resources as well as abide by the internet acceptable use policy as signed at the beginning of the school year.
3. Students may check messages and make phone calls during passing time which occurs every 50 minutes and at lunch.
We understand that the Cell Phone is a convenient way of communicating with your teen. Please keep in mind that they will be able to view your messages every 50 minutes. If there is an emergency, please contact the main office, (360) 709-7800, and the secretary will call the appropriate classroom immediately. If you need your teen to meet you for an appointment, please contact the attendance office, (360) 709-7815, at least an hour before you intend to meet your teen so that a message can be delivered to the appropriate classroom.
Please support our effort to reduce distractions in our classrooms by encouraging your teen to only use their electronic devices during personal time (passing time and lunch).
Student statement of agreement:
I understand that the violation of the Classroom Electronic Device Use Policy may result in the confiscation of my cell phone or other device for the remainder of the class period on the first offense and given to an administrator on the second offense. This may prevent me from participating in additional class activities that involve an electronic device. I also understand that I will be held accountable for actions according to the Black Hills High School Handbook.


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