ESD 113 iPadinars

The ESD113 has just posted a series of webinars that address iPad2 apps for education. We call this series "iPadinars" and they can be accessed anywhere and are one hour each.


 iPadinars will develop instructional skills with educators using iOS devices, specifically the iPad and iPod Touch. Since iOS devices are application (app) based, the content for the devices is changing and evolving at a rapid pace making it difficult for educators to keep up. This course will provide information on the latest updates, integration guidance, peer collaboration opportunities, and app reviews for teachers using these devices with students. (See attached schedule)


These sessions will all be online (you don't have to drive). To register, go to:


Enter Session ID# 40809


FEE:  $75

Attend one or all eleven sessions.

Up to 11 clock hours available.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Register today!


Lynne Forbush

Educational Technology


Click here for iPadinar Schedule.