New iPad App Lets Any Teacher Be Like Sal Khan

New iPad App Lets Any Teacher Be Like Sal Khan


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've by now heard of Sal Khan and his growing collection of YouTube video lessons covering a dizzying array of subjects. Khan's popularity has sparked a debate among educators about the effectiveness of his methods and the role of online video lessons in education.


As educators debate, students appear to be voting with their eyeballs, as traffic to Khan Academy is exploding. Are tomorrow's students destined to learn all their math lessons from the prolific Mr. Khan?


Not so fast, according to the founders of Educreations. The startup wants to give students lots of choices of online teachers - including the teachers they see every day at school.


"Khan has provided a powerful example of what's possible," says Educreations CEO Wade Roberts. "There are millions of great teachers in the world, but today you can only learn from them if you happen to be sitting in their classrooms. We want to help teachers share their teaching online so anyone can learn from them





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