Edugifs and New Google Doc feature!

Posted by Antha Holt on 6/14/2022

Hi everyone! I know we are on the last days of this school year, but I wanted to share a new feature of Google Docs that you may not be aware of - the ability to add dropdown menus. I'm trying something new that I just learned, called an edugif to show you how to add dropdown menus to your Google doc. Edugifs are animated gifs, that ideally, I could put in an email to send out. Right now I'm still working on that, as I've found it works perfectly in the web-based Outlook email, but not in the desktop version. More to come on that! For dropdown menus in Google docs, check it out below. Once you've done that, you might want to read this article 15+ Ways to Use Drop-Down Menus in Google Docs.


Animated Gif showing dropdown menu in Google Docs