HIV & Human Growth Instruction for 5th Grade

Posted by Heather Alnes on 4/23/2021

5th grade TVA families;
We hope your April is going well, we can’t believe how fast the spring feels like it is going.  5th graders in TSD each year have HIV and Human Growth teaching as part of their curriculum.  Washington State law requires annual HIV education starting in 5th grade as well as sexual health education.  Parents have the ability to preview curriculum (in all WA districts) and can either opt in or opt out for their student.
Mrs. Michel has worked to create a well-organized, paired down and simple virtual version of the curriculum some of our local schools have used over the years.  Part of the State law requires that we allow notice at least one month in advance for parents to preview the curriculum.  TVA is set up a little differently than our neighborhood schools in that you as the learning coach (if you choose to opt in to the curriculum for your student) will be going over this unit with your child(ren).
Please take a moment to preview the attached curriculum.  If you decide you’d like to opt out, please use this OPT OUT form to let us know that you are choosing to NOT complete this unit.  This unit can be completed any time from now until the end of the school year; we would suggest adding this to the las week of May as a part of the Science Work for the week.  The curriculum utilizes a few well thought out videos, diagrams and web content from our FLASH curriculum as well as Kahn Academy.  Mrs. Michel has set up a few different choices for pathways and has provided student learning goals as well as options for a journal assignment/conversation starter for students.
View the Curriculum here:  Human Growth & Development / HIV ed.
If you choose to opt out; use the OPT Out form here:  OPT OUT FORM H.G. & HIV
Please reach out to either myself or Mrs. Michel if you have questions, thank you!
Kyle Grunenfelder
TVA Principal