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College in the High School Changes:


Good news! Tumwater High School College in the High School classes will be free next year. This is a new development, as previously families were required to pay tuition out of pocket for these courses.

The legislature recently passed SB 5048, clearing the way for high schools to offer on-campus College in the High School courses free to students beginning with the 2023-24 school year.


THS College in the High School Course offerings for 2023-24 are listed below. Please note this list is subject to change.  

BIO 175 – Human Anatomy (grades 10-12)**

CHEM 121 – Introduction to Chemistry (Honors Chemistry, grades 10-12)**

ENGL 101 – English (grades 11-12)

HIST 147/HIST 148 - US History (grade 11)

MATH 141/MATH 142 – Pre-Calculus (grade level varies)**

MATH 151/MATH 152 – Calculus (AP Calculus, grade level varies)**  

MATH 107/MATH 146 – Math in Society/Statistics (grade level varies)** This class is pending final approval

** asterisk indicates students must meet a pre-requisite in order to enroll in the class


If you’d like more information on the College in the High School program. Please click here


If you have any questions about how to sign up or change your previous course selections for next year, please contact your counselor. Have a great day!

Betsy Anderson (Last names A-D)

Joy Lower (Last names E-G)

Julie McBride (Last names H-K)

Hannah Middlebrook (Last names L-Ri)

Anna Bush (Last names Ro-Z) (Dean Mings