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We are excited for the 2021-22 school year and want to share some time sensitive information regarding College in the High School (CiHS). Several of our CiHS classes are considered year-long or first semester college classes, and deadlines are approaching soon. Tuition for CiHS credit is $150 per 5 credits.

For Year-Long and First Semester College in the High School classes, please note the following important dates for the 2021-22 school year:

September 17 – application deadline

September 24th – placement deadline

October 1st- payment deadline

October 1st- last day to drop a class


A note from SPSCC about CiHS:

I’m excited to announce we have our student facing CiHS pages up and running which gives easy access to the CiHS application!  Please feel free to share this link with your students:  If they click on the blue “apply now”  or “CiHS Enrollment Steps” buttons they will navigate to the online application.  I have attached a detailed guide on how a student sets up their admissions application in our CRM.


If you have students that have already taken CiHS courses with us in the last two years, they do not need to reapply (it won’t hurt if they do, just not necessary).  They can “short cut” to the registration form here: Students filling out the admissions application will be provided this registration link after they submit their application to SPSCC.


Placement continues to be offered online exclusively for those courses with English prereq via the English Guided Self Placement (English GSP) and proctored online or in person for those courses with a math prereq via the WAMAP exams.