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Student Transfer Timelines

Transfer Request Timeline

March 1st - 31st

  1. Full-Time Staff: New and Renewal Intra-District and Non-Resident Requests (per RCW 28A.225.225)
  2. Intra-District: Students requesting to continue in their current school
    1. Students displaced from their current school by a boundary revision
    2. Intra-district transfer renewals
  3. Intra-District: New Requests (1st-12th Grade)
  4. Nonresident: Renewal Requests

April 1st - 30th

Nonresident: New Requests (1st-12th Grade)

August 1st

Intra-District and Nonresident: New Requests (Kindergarten)

Please contact or call 360-709-7996 with questions.