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Weather Make-Up Days Update


Weather Make-Up Days Update: Thank you to all 2,540 who participated in the on-line survey giving your input regarding the make-up time for snow closure days. The results of the survey are as follows (#1 received the most votes, #5 received the least votes):

           #1 - Decrease the number of ACT early release Fridays

           #2 - No half-day early release for the last day of school

           #3 - Lengthen the school day by a few minutes each day

           #4 - Shorten Spring Break

           #5 - Saturday School for graduation seniors only


Our waiver application has been submitted to OSPI and we are waiting for their decision. After evaluating the hours needed to make up the lost instructional time, we found that we can recoup the time solely from ACT Fridays. In anticipation of the waiver being approved, we are cancelling ACT early release for Friday March 15th and March 22nd while we wait for a decision from OSPI. If the waiver is approved, we will then cancel the remaining ACT days that are scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.

As it stands, if the waiver is approved (and no more days are cancelled due to weather, power outages, etc.), the last day of school will be June 24th and will be a half-day early release for students.