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Small Group Hybrid Information

Our New Market instructors are excited to begin hybrid small group instruction this month.  Each student has been placed in a small cohort (6 students or less).  If you are unsure when your student is scheduled for in-person learning, please refer to our Hybrid Calendar on the NMSC website.  If you don’t have your student’s pin number please contact your instructor. The New Market Hybrid Calendar details in-person learning days (at least 2 sessions a month) and remote learning days for your student.

New Market instructors and staff are following Department of Heath guidelines.  Please review the following requirements with your students prior to their first day of on-campus learning:

  • Students must wear a mask at all times while on campus and remain 6 feet apart.
  • Students must check-in at the main office window in Building A every time they come on campus.
    • Their temperature will be taken and attestation questions asks.
    • Students may skip the questions, if the “Monthly Student Attestation" form is completed for the current month.  Monthly Attestation Form 
    • Students and Parents must complete the “In-Person Learning Expectations” form and turn it into the office. In-Person Learning Form 
    • Students who have passed the above screening will be given a sticker.  Students must have a daily sticker to enter a New Market classroom.
  • Student must have the Annual Medical Health form on file.  Students who do not have this form already turned in will be given one on their first day of class and must bring it the next time they are on campus.

Please note, it a student fails the screening, they will not be able to attend in-person instruction and must return home.  Our school nurse will contact families of any students sent home with COVID symptoms. Do not send your student to campus if they or anyone in the household are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, and/or has traveled out of state in the last 14 days. 

We look forward to providing safe in-person instruction for your student.