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Attendance Information

Sick? Appointment? School Event? Late?

Absences must be excused within 48 hours. Don’t forget to have your parent/guardian excuse your absences and tardies at New Market Skills Center!

Call Attendance @ 360-570-4501

Email Attendance @


A call goes home after every unexcused absence.

After 5 Unexcused Absences - a letter is sent home and sending school is notified.

After 10 Unexcused Absences - a letter is sent home, sending school is notified, and the student must meet with the Director of Student Services.

After 20 Consecutive Unexcused Absences - the student is unenrolled from New Market. If a student wishes to re-enroll, they must attend a meeting with the Director of Student Services.

COVID 19 Emergency Absence Rule


Tumwater School District Board Policy 3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences 


Absences for both in-person and remote learning due to the following will be excused, all others will be unexcused:

  1. Participation in a school-approved activity or instructional program
  2. Absence due to: Illness, health condition, or medical appointment; family emergency; religious purposes; court, judicial proceeding, court-ordered activity, or jury service; post-secondary, technical school or apprenticeship program visitation, or scholarship interview; State-recognized search and rescue activities; directly related to student's homeless or foster care/dependence status; deployment; suspensions, expulsions, or emergency expulsions; safety concerns; or migrant status.
  3. An approved activity that is consistent with district policy and is mutually agreed upon by the principal or designee and a parent, guardian or emancipated youth. (No greater than 5 days per school year)
  4. COVID-19 related: illness, health condition, or medical appointment; caring for a family member who has an illness, health condition, or medical appointment; employment or other family obligation during school hours necessary due to COVID-19; parent's work schedule or other obligation during school hours; lack of necessary instructional tools, including internet broadband access or connectivity; other COVID-19 related circumstances as determined between school and parent or emancipated youth

*Absences may be excused if there is no district transportation that day.