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MTS Specialist E-Learning

MTS Specialist E-Learning (Library, Music, Physical Education, and Technology)  We ask that students complete weekly Seesaw Lessons and explore the provided supplemental content. The following will help you navigate The Specialist Team content. 

 Newsletter:  The Specialist Team publishes a weekly newsletter to best inform students, teachers, and parents of what is happening with the Specialist Team weekly.  

Specialist Newsletter:

Seesaw:  Seesaw is the online learning platform the Specialist Team uses to deliver weekly lessons to all students.

Seesaw Lessons: 







Bitmoji Classrooms:  The Specialist team has created Bitmoji Classrooms to provide supplemental activities and to help navigate our subject areas. 

Specialist Team Bitmoji Classroom:

Library Bitmoji Classroom:

Music Bitmoji Classroom:

Physical Education Bitmoji Classroom:

Technology Bitmoji Classroom:

Zoom:  We have two Zoom sessions every Wednesday. This is an opportunity for Specialist Teachers to connect with students, answer student questions, and allow students to share out to their peers.

Wednesday Zoom Sessions:

Grades 3-5 10:30-11:00am

Grades K-2 1:30-2:00pm

Here’s a link to our zoom sessions:  (This link will be the same always)

Tech Help:  Here is Ms. Sweeney’s growing Youtube Channel created to help families with Seesaw. 

Email:  If you have any issues or questions feel free to email us.





We look forward to connecting with all of our students.

-MTS Specialist Team