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EOE Yearbook Needs Your Photos!

It's yearbook time! Help the yearbook committee make this year's book great by submitting candid school-related photos of your child(ren) to be featured on its pages. Some examples of photos we love to see are your child and their class on field trips, special activity days at school (like the Harvest Party), and fundraiser events (like the Humble Cow ice cream fundraiser). Follow this link to submit photos! The sooner you submit, the better to allow the yearbook committee time to design pages. The last day to submit candid photos is March 31st.


IMPORTANT: If your child is new to East Oly and started after the first day of school, or you missed school picture day at the beginning of the year, please submit a portrait-style photo so they can be pictured with their classmates on their class page. Follow this link to submit a portrait of your child! The last day to submit photos is March 31st.

We apologize for the trouble with the link to submit photos.

If you access the link from a PC, you should be logged directly into the site to securely upload photos. However, if you access the site from a mobile device or phone, you'll most likely be required to enter a User ID.

Please copy and paste this User ID into the site to log in: 0uQraLK3IihniQ-jdHRawaw