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TMS Health Curriculum Night and Parent Letter

September 12, 2022

Dear Parents & Guardians of TMS Health Students,

A meeting will be held from 6:00-7:00 P.M. on Thursday Sept. 22, in the Tumwater Middle School library to give parents & guardians of this year’s Health students an opportunity to preview the KNOW and/or FLASH sexual health education curriculum. Health teachers will provide an introduction and teacher and student instructional materials will be available for you to view. This will be our annual group presentation and is your opportunity to review the materials and ask questions.

In order to adhere to the CDC guidelines for social distancing, please contact our main office at 360-709-7550 no later than Sept 22 at 3pm to reserve your spot. This will ensure we have provided an adequate space for the number of attendees.

Any parent/guardian of a student enrolled in Health during the school year is welcome to attend this meeting. Each quarter, the sexual health education content will be delivered at approximately the seventh week of the quarter. If you are unable to attend this meeting, you can request an opportunity review the materials and/or meet with a health teacher. We anticipate the 1 st quarter Health students will start this unit during the week of October 18th. Different dates apply to the other quarters.

In recognition of the significant threat that the HIV/AIDS virus presents to the health of the people of our nation, the Washington state legislature passed the Omnibus AIDS Bill in 1988. This law directs local school districts to provide yearly instruction to students in grades 5-12 about the pathology and prevention of the HIV/AIDS virus.

It is not necessary for guardians to attend a public review session unless they wish to exempt their children from HIV/AIDS instruction. The Washington State Omnibus AIDS law requires a parent to attend a public viewing session and review the materials before such an exemption may be requested or granted.

Following the meeting, parents/guardians who wish to have a student excused from participation in the Sexual Health Education/HIV/AIDS prevention program may sign a “Request Form to Excuse Student” form at least 7 days prior to the planned instruction. State law provides that a parent or guardian must attend such a meeting before they can have their child or ward excused from participation in the HIV/AIDS prevention program. Excused students shall be provided with appropriate alternative educational opportunities.

Sincerely, Renee Cruickshank Health Educator 360-709-7581

Kailyn Nygren Health Educator 360-709-7539


6 th Grade This unit is a 3 day Puberty HIV/STD prevention unit using the KNOW curriculum. We will also use the Glenco Teen Health Text, The Life Cycle, to review changes during puberty.

For more information about the KNOW HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Grades 5 & 6 please visit this link: KNOW Curriculum | OSPI ( This is the actual curriculum used in class, 6th grade level only.

7th and 8th Grade This unit includes 7 lessons delivered over a 6-8 day period. We use the FLASH Curriculum. We will have the actual curriculum available for you to review. Information including sample lesson plans can be found on the following website: planning/education/FLASH.aspx

The FLASH curriculum is a medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive sexual health education curriculum. The goals of the curriculum are to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs and sexual violence, and to increase family communication about sexual health related topics such as dating, sex and abstinence.

FLASH builds skills to support young people in remaining abstinent, as well as teaching about other methods of disease and pregnancy prevention. It promotes respectful communication, and builds skills for healthy relationships. FLASH also contains family homework assignments in which students talk with a family member about the topics covered in class via a prescribed set of questions. Students receive credit for speaking with an adult, but are never required to discuss the content of their conversations.

FLASH provides a protocol for teachers to refer questions back to families when they revolve around specific values. As a result, students may come home with questions about the values and expectations you have for them regarding these topics. We hope this will provide a meaningful opportunity for you to talk about these important topics together. A list of the Middle School FLASH lessons is provided below. Some may be shortened and combined.

Lesson 1: Reproductive System and Pregnancy

Lesson 3: Rules of Dating

Lesson 4: Saying No

Lesson 2: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Lesson 5: Preventing STDs

Lesson 6: Condoms to Prevent HIV and Other STDs

Lesson 7: Birth Control Methods

Please feel free to browse the OSPI website for additional information. OSPI HIV and Sexual Health Information link: 

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