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End of the Year Information

Hello TMS 8th Grade Families,

Congratulations on your student completing their 8th grade year at Tumwater Middle School! We wanted to make sure that 8th grade families were aware of some important information coming up for the last week of school. We are hosting a celebration event from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, June 16 at TMS campus. We have lots of fun things planned so we are hopeful students will attend. As a reminder, students and volunteers must wear masks and follow social distance guidelines. All TMS 8th graders are welcome to attend (8th Grade Celebration.pdf permission slip required) and parents are able to volunteer to supervise if they are available. All volunteers must have submitted a volunteer application within the past year and must be cleared by the District Office. Contact the office at 360-709-7550 if you have questions.

8th graders will need to turn in their chromebooks, cases, and chargers before leaving TMS this school year. We will be collecting them at the end of the week next week, so make sure to remind your student to track down their chromebooks and any other textbooks or library books to avoid any fines or fees being placed on their accounts.

Our last day of school is Monday, June 21st and dismissal that day will be at 10:30. This information will also go out to families as an e-blast and a copy of this message will be placed on the TMS Headlines under "End of the Year" information.

For All Students...

8th graders will need to turn in their chromebooks, cases, and chargers by the end of this school year. Students attending in-person will turn them in to teachers on either Thursday or Friday. Remote students should plan to bring their chromebooks, cases, and chargers to school after 10:30 am on Monday, June 21st. Please see our website for more information about office hours after June 21st. All current 6th and 7th graders are being allowed to keep their computers over the summer break. Be sure to keep track of them because you will need them next school year!

Our last school day is Monday, June 21st and in-person students will be reporting to their Homeroom teacher's class to start the day. We have activities planned for the day with Remote Learners able to participate through their Homeroom teacher. For questions about remote learner participation, reach out to your student's Homeroom teacher. School will be dismissed for summer vacation at 10:30 that day. There will be no lunch service that day.

Unfortunately, remote learners and TVA students will not be able to attend school on the last day contrary to a message that went out earlier this week. Because of advanced logistics and safety precautions, only in-person learners or those who have been attending in-person since this mid-winter or Spring are allowed to attend the last day of school. 

If you have specific questions about your student or end of the year activities, please call the office at 360-709-7500.