Degrees and Certifications:

FITE Program

Jack Greaves

CEO/Instructor First-In Training and Education 501(c)3

Jack Greaves taught middle school Special Education for 9 years and is currently a full-time career firefighter/EMT with the City of Bothell.  FITE has 5 programs in the State of Washington, serving over 160 students per day.  Currently, I serve as the CEO of the non-profit and I instruct up to 4 days per week.  I believe that "service above self" is the core of what we do in the fire service and I strive to instill that into our students.  In addition to running the non-profit, my wife and I also started a private vocational school that offers certification classes for aspiring and current firefighter/EMTs.  We also have 5 kids and enjoy the outdoors.

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