Degrees and Certifications:

James McWhirter IV

For the last 6 years, James has taught Art and Animation at DigiPen Institute of Technology through ProjectFun and WANIC. While this is the first Art and Animation class to run during the regular school year, James as been at New Market Skills Center for 4 years teaching the summer Art and Animation class.  When he is not teaching James does freelance work which includes traditional art, developing projects in Unreal Engine 4, animation, and motion capture cleanup.  When he is not working or doing freelance work James enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, photography, playing guitar and reading.  

While studying at DigiPen Institute of Technology James worked on Project Asclepius.  Project Asclepius was a 14 student team from DigiPen that formed a partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of youth who are living with life-threatening medical conditions.  During this project the team helped a student with cystic fibrosis develop his own video game over the course of a semester.  Project Asclepius