Mr. Victor Kores



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Victor Kores

Hello Everyone!

Can you imagine facing the challenges we face today without the internet, WiFi, personal computers, tablets, cell phones, pocket calculators (the list goes on).  Most of this technology came to be in your parent’s or grandparent’s generation (and mine).

Students that begin a career path that leads to a technical career will have the opportunity to not only be users of technology but creators of technology. That’s what our CTE (Career and Technical Education) department at THS is all about. That's where my passion is.

 I’m our school’s advisor for our afterschool technology program called TSA (Technology Student Association) which is planning to be virtual this year. Students can choose from a wide variety of areas to participate in and work with others that have similar interests. I also coach our VEX Robotics competition (also with TSA).

I’ve worked on electronic technology since I graduated high school. In the US Navy I worked on aviation equipment. I self-funded myself through college (first generation) by repairing oceanographic, land, sea, and aerospace (Space Shuttle) devices. It was truly exciting to hold a device in my hand that made their roundtrip journey to the ocean floor or to space and back.

For fun I like challenges. I've run a few marathons, biked STP (Seattle to Portland), and logged a few solo hours as a pilot. I’m a licensed skydiver, certified scuba diver, and recently earned my FAA remote pilot certificate (drones).

I'm a proud father of one (once a T-Bird, always a T-Bird) and proud to be teaching our T-Birds here at Tumwater High School.  I’m looking forward to meeting our new students and families.


  • US Navy, Aviation Electronics/Aircrew
  • Intel Corporation, Software Engineer  


  • Ingraham High School (Seattle)
  • BS Computer Science, University of Washington (Seattle)
  • Career and Technical Education, Bates Technical College (Tacoma)


  • Aviation, Computers, Robotics, Photography, Drones, RC Helicopters, and Biking