• Welcome to Tumwater High School's Core-Flex support system for learning.  We strongly believe that all students can and will be successful in our culture of teaching and learning.  We've been focusing our high school reform efforts within the three converging circles below.  The top circle represents the importance of establishing a safe and positive school climate and foundation for the school.  We partner with the Jostens Renaissance philosophy in order to build and maintain our school culture.  The second circle illustrates the intentional effort in creating a team atmosphere in the school where teachers are actively working in PLCs to redefine teaching and learning for our students.  The third circle represents the school-wide system of support...Core-Flex.  This support structure hinges on the active participation of every staff member in ensuring the success of all of our students.  For some general information regarding Core-Flex, please see the below documents.  For additional information and specific questions, please contact Jeff Broome at 709-7605.  Thank you!
    Reform Circle

    Why Core-Flex?

     For more detailed information on Core/Flex, click on the below link.