Welcome! We will need the following important information before we can proceed with the registration process for enrollment of a new student at A.G. West Black Hills High School:

    ­­                     PROOF OF RESIDENCY: Demonstration of residency can be confirmed by submitting a copy of your utility bill, rental agreement, or property tax statement.   Black Hills High School has limited enrollment for students outside our area of residency. Potential inter-district/inter-zone transfers must be approved by the Principal prior to the enrollment process.

                         PARENT/GUARDIAN AUTHORIZATION: A parent/guardian must accompany new students at the time of enrollment. Guardians who do not have custody of the student must complete the “Custodial” letter before enrolling a student. This letter may be obtained in the Counseling Center.

                         COMPLETE ENROLLMENT PACKET

                         ACADEMIC HISTORY OR RECORD OF GRADES:
                         Transcripts and withdraw grades are necessary to develop an appropriate schedule for students. It will expedite the registration process if academic history can be provided at the time of enrollment.

                         IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: State law and district policy mandates that “children transferring from another district will be considered new students and will need to provide verification of immunization status BEFORE he/she can enroll.” A parent or guardian may use their own records, get a copy of the records from their former school, or have the former school fax a copy to BHHS 360-709-7829.

                         SPECIAL OR UNIQUE INFORMATION: If there are unique or special considerations as listed below, please comment:

                                                                      Disciplinary Records

                                                                      Scholarship Information

                                                                      Special Education/IEP

                                                                      Testing Results





    Once we have received the required information requested above, an appointment will be scheduled with an Administrator or Counselor to complete registration and course selection. We will carefully review the student’s records and determine the best options for the student. Once the student enrolls at A.G. West Black Hills High School, we will request official records from the student’s prior school.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding enrollment please call for our registrar at 360-709-7800.