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    The pandemic has caused us to function in a new reality.  We are all doing our best to adapt as we prioritize the safety of students and staff.   Remote learning will be the current model, and teachers will do their best to utilize this model to create a successful learning environment for you.  Students will be spending LOTS of time on computers in order to gather assignments, work on school work, and get some semblance of socializing in.  It will be vital that they remain engaged, in order to get the most out of their educational experience.  They should have a regular daily routine, and stay in constant contact with their teachers.  Also, remember to have balance in your life.  Take breaks from technology.  Get some exercise.  Practice some mindfulness and self-care.  Unplug for a while.




    I have added a page of frequently asked questions about Learning Hub services during remote learning to this website.  You will find a link to it on the Quick Links menu to the left of the page.  If you have any questions about services that I can provide to you during the remote learing time, hopefully you will find answers there.  And if your question is not listed, then contact me at my school email address, and I will do my best to get an answer for you! 




    Since you ARE using the computer and Internet for your studies, don’t forget that there are a LOT of reliable resources right here at the Learning Hub website.  Look at the Research Resources page, and look at the homepage of the Online Catalog for some great resources that will be very helpful as you navigate your school work.




    There are lots of great resources for teens on the Timberland Library site.  You can find book lists with great books to read; homework help links; lots of links on teen issues.  It is all free, and doesn't require a library card!  Check out the teen services page:




    You can utilize the digital resources at the Timberland Library, even if you don't have a library card.  Simply click on the "MyTRL Program for Students" link on the Teens page for information about all of the features you can access.  Or click on the "MyTRL" link that you will find on the Research Resources page of the Hub website.  You will find a reminder about your personal username and password just above the "MyTRL" link.  Click on the word "here" in the paragraph above MyTRL.  If you have any questions about how to access them, contact Mr. Hagen.


    You will find LOTS of great digital reads by using Overdrive from the Timberland Library site.  If you are needing a fiction (or nonfiction) book for your studies, put the power of the Timberland Regional Library resources to work for you!






    Getting books back to the library has been an interesting process during the remote learning time.  But, however it happens, books need to be returned.  The library is a service that is provided to students free of charge – as long as they promise to take care of the books when they borrow them, and return them when they are due.  We do not have “overdue” fees like the Timberland Public Library.  However, it is often the case that middle schoolers will lose track of the books that they borrow, or something will happen to the book while in their care which renders the book unusable.  If either of those circumstances occur, then we ask that the student do the right thing and reimburse us for the cost of the book so a replacement can be ordered.  Because of the remote learning that took place in the spring, there are a LOT of students that still have library books on their accounts, and those are now fines.  If you have any questions about a library book fine, please contact Mr. Hagen.  He will double-check to make sure the book is not actually on the library shelves.  But if the book is in fact not in the library, we have to assume it is still out there somewhere.  Have your child think hard about where an overdue library book might be residing, so he/she can return it and get the fine removed.  If it is indeed lost or damaged beyond repair, then we ask that you pay to have it replaced.  Mr. Hagen thanks you for your attention to book fines on your child’s account.





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