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    The pandemic has caused us to function in a new reality.  We are all doing our best to adapt to distance learning as we stay home and stay safe.  This is school for the rest of the school year, and it is too soon to know what the fall will bring.  Students are spending LOTS of time on computers in order to gather assignments, work on school work, and get some semblance of socializing in.  Remember to have balance in your life.  Take breaks from technology.  Get some exercise.  Practice some mindfulness and self-care.  Unplug for a while.  Remember, you should only be doing two-and-a-half hours of school work a day.




    Since you ARE using the computer and Internet for your studies, don’t forget that there are a LOT of reliable resources right here at the Learning Hub website.  Look at the Research Resources page, and look at the homepage of the Online Catalog for some great resources that will be very helpful as you navigate your school work.




    Our Knowledge Bowl season was completed before we went on hiatus in March, and I am happy to report that the Bush teams were champions for the second straight year!  The Blue, White, and Silver teams dominated the other schools in each competition, taking first overall every time they competed.  Congratulations to the members of this year’s successful and very talented teams:  Quinlan Zimmerman, Orion Haury, Ben Ferrel, Eli Denning, Alec Sprick, Rainy Brown, Malia Hooker, Zach Sears, Christian Peterson, Blake Kirkpatrick, Zarah Keenan, Adama Mbodji, Tanner Eby, Ethan Rutledge, and Cassidy Dodge.




    One of the sad results of social distancing this spring (among the many!) is that we had to cancel our Battle of the Books competition that was scheduled for May.  We hope to hold a competition in the fall - but it is all dependent on how normally we are operating at that time.  Stay tuned.




    There are lots of great resources for teens on the Timberland Library site.  You can find book lists with great books to read; a calendar of events for teens (which will probably be virtual events this summer); homework help links; lots of links on teen issues; and possibly information on a summer reading program.  Check out the teen services page:




    Also, remember that you can utilize the digital resources at the Timberland Library, even if you don't have a library card.  Simply click on the "MyTRL Program for Students" link on the Teens page for information about all of the features you can access.  You will find a reminder about your personal username and password on the "Research Resources" web page on the Learning Hub website.  If you have any questions about how to access them, contact Mr. Hagen.


    Use your local Timberland Library branch to help enrich your summer activities, and remember to take books with you wherever you go!




    As summer approaches, it is important to remember that even though school may be taking a break, learning should never take a break.  Wherever you and your children go this summer (if you CAN go somewhere), you can always take a book along!  To help make that summer reading time more fun, the Timberland Library usually has activities cooked up for teens.  To find out what’s happening for teens this summer, check out the Teen Summer Reading page: 




    Check the Timberland website for information about their Teen summer program, and incorporate some of their events into your super summer!


    Use your local Timberland Library branch to help enrich your summer activities, and remember to take books with you wherever you go!




    Getting books back to the library has been an interesting process during the distance learning time.  But, however it happens, books need to be returned.  The library is a service that is provided to students free of charge – as long as they promise to take care of the books when they borrow them, and return them when they are due.  We do not have “overdue” fees like the Timberland Public Library.  However, it is often the case that middle schoolers will lose track of the books that they borrow, or something will happen to the book while in their care which renders the book unusable.  If either of those circumstances occur, then we ask that the student do the right thing and reimburse us for the cost of the book so a replacement can be ordered.  It may happen that your child finds a fine on his/her account for an overdue or damaged book.  If you have any questions about a library book fine, please contact Mr. Hagen.  He will double-check to make sure the book is not actually on the library shelves.  But if the book is in fact not in the library, we have to assume it is still out there somewhere.  Have your child think hard about where an overdue library book might be residing, so he/she can return it and get the fine removed.  If it is indeed lost or damaged beyond repair, then we ask that you pay to have it replaced.  Mr. Hagen thanks you for your attention to book fines on your child’s account.





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