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    We are now on a hybrid schedule. That means, for many students, a shift in how they conduct themselves as learners.  In the AABB schedule, each student that has chosen to return to the school will be in-building two days a week, and at home three days a week.  What does this change mean for the Learning Hub?  It will look much like it has during distance learning.  Because of the restrictive nature of social distancing and the care we will take to keep things sanitized, students in the building will not be able to come into the Learning Hub.  Instead, if they have need of library or librarian services, the large window in the hallway is open, and students, staff, and parents can come to the window to engage with the librarian and inquire about services available.  Books are placed on hold virtually on the Destiny online catalog, and the librarian will make arrangements to get books to the student.  Chromebook issues should likewise come to the window, and the librarian will assess the situation and decide on the necessary remedy.  There is no casual browsing of the Learning Hub; Makerspace activities and puzzles are not available.  If students and staff use the space for small group sessions, then they sit at tables and hard plastic chairs that can be easily sanitized afterward.  No casual seating is available for now.  So, it is a very controlled use of the space, in order to follow the protocols that will keep everyone safe and virus free.




    We are going to have a spring Scholastic Book Fair!  But, like in the fall, it will be virtual.  All transactions will be online, and books and other materials purchased will be sent to each individual home.  The Fair begins March 22nd, and ends on April 4th.  There is a Book Fair homepage, which you can access here.  On the homepage, you will be able to actually browse the book carts virtually!  Just click on a book on the cart, and you will see information about the book that will help you make an informed choice.  All book sales over $25 will get you free shipping.  Get a preview of some of the books you will find at the Fair here.  Proceeds from the Fair go to purchase more books for the BMS library.  So, don't forget to shop the spring Scholastic Book Fair, March 22nd through April 4th!




    This year, the librarian is only available three days a week.  The other two days, you will find him at Black Hills High School.  Once Hybrid Learning begins, the schedule will rotate between Monday-Wednesday and Wednesday-Friday.  The rotations will go as follows:

    February 18-March 19 - Monday-Wednesday

    March 22-April 23 - Wednesday-Friday

    April 26-May 21 - Monday-Wednesday

    May 24-June 21 - Wednesday-Friday

    On the Thursdays and Fridays or Mondays and Tuesdays that the librarian is at Black Hills, the BMS Learning Hub will be unavailable.  The librarian will still be available via email on those days to address issues remotely.




    Even though students are returning to the building soon, the FAQ page that I created for distance learning is still relevant, and a lot of the answers can help students whether they are in the building or at home.  They can help all students become more self-reliant with regard to library needs.  So, if you are still distance learning, use the information on the FAQ page, and if you are in the building, a lot of your questions can still be answered on the FAQ page.




    Since you ARE using the computer and Internet for your studies, don’t forget that there are a LOT of reliable resources right here at the Learning Hub website.  Look at the Research Resources page, and look at the homepage of the Online Catalog for some great resources that will be very helpful as you navigate your school work.




    There are lots of great resources for teens on the Timberland Library site.  You can find book lists with great books to read; homework help links; lots of links on teen issues.  It is all free, and doesn't require a library card!  Check out the teen services page:




    You can utilize the digital resources at the Timberland Library, even if you don't have a library card.  Simply click on the "MyTRL Program for Students" link on the Teens page for information about all of the features you can access.  Or click on the "MyTRL" link that you will find on the Research Resources page of the Hub website.  You will find a reminder about your personal username and password just above the "MyTRL" link.  Click on the word "here" in the paragraph above MyTRL.  If you have any questions about how to access them, contact Mr. Hagen.


    You will find LOTS of great digital reads by using Overdrive from the Timberland Library site.  If you are needing a fiction (or nonfiction) book for your studies, put the power of the Timberland Regional Library resources to work for you!






    My hope is that when students begin returning to the building, more and more of the overdue books will get returned.  The return box is currently in the main entrance foyer, and will remain there for the rest of the school year, so it is available to both in-person and remote learners.  If you still have a library book or two from last year, get it back so others can enjoy it!





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