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    WE believe that our team is more than a status

    WE believe that we are a sisterhood: Not by blood, but by choice

    WE are held together by loyalty, compassion and understanding

    WE believe it is our place to encourage, encourage, encourage and motivate, in and out of school

    WE respect each other on all levels, by being real and tolerant of our differences, individuality & unique personalities

    WE believe we are exceptional; Not because we say it, but because we strive to be it.

    WE believe we were born to lead, not follow

    WE believe our seasons to come will be enriched and enjoyable by avoiding conflict & being trustworthy & patient

    WE will uphold the reputations of ourselves & each other by staying above reproach

    WE believe we will succeed by being courageous, strong and selfless

    WE  believe in ourselves

    WE believe in each other

    WE believe in our TEAM.

2021 Football Cheer