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    Name:  Elaine Gilmour
    Room:  Gymnasium
    Specialist:  Physical Education Teacher K-5
    Phone Number:  (360) 709-7308
    Welcome to Ms. Gilmour's Page.
    I am a graduate of Western Washington University. I began teaching in 1985 and have been a Physical Education teacher in the Tumwater School District since 1987. I have two children, my daughter Lindsey is 25 and a Dental Hygienist in Maple Valley and my son Carter is 22 and a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF stationed in Texas. Both of my children attended Tumwater Hill Elementary, where they received the foundation for their future success.
    Safety is number one and fun is a close second. Competition can be a great motivator but I don't use it very often. There can be only one winner in a game if the value is placed on the score. All my kids are winners!  I explain to the kids that the score doesn't tell me how well they kicked the ball or that they made their first basket ever, so the score really doesn't matter.
    I welcome all parents to come in and see what we are doing in Physical Education classes. What you will see is kids moving, working on skills through station work and modified games. Our kids are made to move and with the screens drawing the children in, it is even more important now than ever to get these kids excited about moving. Students are supposed to get 100 minutes of Physical Education each week, they are currently getting 50! I encourage all of my students to get 60 minutes of "thirsty" work every day.
    T.H.E. P.T.A has done a great job establishing an annual Fun Run each October and I encourage parents to get involved in local fitness activites.The Tumwater Park and Recreation and YMCA offers sports opportunities, and Kidical Mass has monthly family bike rides around the area.
    We received a grant that allowed us to purchase 30 bicycles for bike safety classes grades 6-8. I found that many of my students did not know how to ride a bike. Please contact me if your child is 3rd-5th grade and could use some specialized instruction. I would love to work with them.
    Walk n Roll is a program designed to teach the children the benefits of exercise and a means of active transportation. We meet at Overlook Park the first Wednesday of each month at 8:15 a.m. as a fun way to meet and walk/ride to school in the morning.
    Tumwater School District adopted the five for life curriculum for teaching Health and Fitness concepts to grades k-12.  Part of the state requirements ask that we test students on their knowledge of the 5 components of fitness (Cardio-respiratory Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and Body composition) as well as Nutrition in the 5th grade. In addition to testing the 5th grade grades 3 and 4 are also tested in both the Fall and Spring. You can expect to see for your child's fitness report card during conferences.
    Your childs' fitness is tracked beginning in 3rd Grade and continues through High School with minimum health standards and goal setting for the future.
    Thank you for visiting my page.
    Healthy Regards,
    Elaine Gilmour