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    Name:  Elaine Gilmour
    Room:  Gymnasium
    Specialist:  Physical Education Teacher K-5
    Phone Number:  (360) 709-7308
    I want to tell each of you how much I miss being at school and getting the smiles, the hugs, and the love that makes me come back each day! Soon we will get to do this again but until then I would love to hear from you via email. There is a link above and I check it every day. I hope you and your family are doing everything you can to stay healthy. Here are some things you can do that keep you active and safe. You have lots of free time, make sure there is a balance of exercise each day! Face Blowing a Kiss on Apple iOS 13.3
    Exercise ideas during your staycation:
    1. Make an obstacle course that includes running, jumping, crawling, hopping on one foot, leaping, add targets. Time yourself and then try to beat your time.
    2. Sidewalk chalk is a great way to make obstacle courses. Trails of chalk to try and follow on your bike or scooter.
    3. Grades 3-5 have been working on their spring fitness testing, Everyone could do this!
    Make a calendar that includes:
    30 minutes of Cardio (walk, jog, run) log how far you are able to go/improve each day.
    Every other day
    Curl-ups: Put your feet under the edge of the couch and do 10 crunches, do this 3 times for a total of 30.
    Push-ups: Start on stair 3-4, do as many as you can, do this 3 times. When you can do 10 on the third set, it will be time to move to the next lowest stair. Write this down so you can see how much stronger you are getting.
    A fun idea from Ms. Gilmour's past: You will need a piece of wood that you can cut to make a hydroplane boat, some string to attach it to the back of your bike and a few nails to make sparks as you pull it down the street, corners are fun to see it drift but don't forget to watch where you are going.                                                                                                                                       Remember to stay 6' away from others and wear a helmet!                    
    Thank you for visiting my page.
    Healthy Regards,
    Elaine Gilmour