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    Name: James Kramer 
    Room:  C13
    Grade Level: 5th Grade Teacher 
    Phone Number: (360) 709-7297 
    Professional Biography
    Bachelor's degree K-12 from St. Martin's University
    Masters of Art in Education  Lesley College, Cambridge, Mass.
    28 years teaching @ Littlerock School, including: 1st grade 8 yrs, 3rd grade 2 ys, 6th grade 1 yr, 5th grade 17yrs
    Director/producer of Littlerock Little Theare for Littlerock students. Two productions per year, covering all grade levels.
    Google Classroom certified
    Updated 6/15/20
    I am available on e mail, or through our Google Classroom Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
    Weekly work: 
    I will be dropping weekly work into my google classroom on Mondays, or Tuesdays. These assignments can be found here or on the Google classroom. 
    Complete the work and share the images, documents, or work through google or even a screen shot on e mail.
    I will read the work,and share with you editing ideas and 5th grade level scores.
    THIS WEEK: Last week of school for 2019 - 2020
    All work is to be sent in to me by Tuesday 6/16/20 at 4:00 p.m.
    Chrome books are to be returned to school on 6/18/20, from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
    All Library books need to be returned by This Friday the 19th.
    You can pick up personal items from school on Thursday also.
    P.T.O. has a graduation gift bag for all students transitioning from 5th grade to 6th grade on Thursday as well. 
    See you all there!
    10 - 15 minutes daily on i ready math
    10 - 15 minutes daily on i ready reading
    15 minutes keyboiarding 30 minutes reading for A.R. and or taking tests.
    Library books that you have finished can be returned and traded for more.
    Return them to Mrs. Nelson during our lunch drive in time.
    Contact Ms. Nelson for title requests. 
              ( If you have finished your AR books then reading any book you wish will work.
                Just share with me a google doc that gives a standard book report, including:
                title, author, plot, climax/conclusion. Don't forget to add your opinion of the book.
                Is it good? Why? Is it not great, Why not? Finally would you recomend it to a classmate?)
    Weekly Projects/ Assignmnets...
         Log into "The Museum of Flight" and go on a virtual tour. the items here are really cool. There will be extra credit for those who share a written report with me about what you did and learned. There's even a gifr shop link. Have fun.
         I Know Myself, this project will take a few weeks to perfect. it is an autobiography. About 4 paragraphs long when it's complete.
    P #1 will cover your birth through your 3rd year. Your "Early Years."  It will require some interview quotes from family to fill in the detail. This was due last week, Friday.
    P #2 will describe your 4th - 6th years. "Preschool years," details from family and your earliest memories. This 2nd paragraph, same google doc. will be due by Friday, the 22nd.
    P #3 Topic for this will be about your 7 to 10years . "School Days." Display all your best memories and thoughts of the elementary days you have had. Due around Friday May 29th,
    P #4 (for those students wanting to really go beyond 5th grade wrtiting, and show you are ready for middle school is about your future. Here is where you can share your expectations, plans, and dreams for whats to become of ypou. What will happen in middle school, high school and beyond... What do you want to be when you are older? Final copy on this project is due by June 5th.
    Dividing Decimals:
    Look to our google classroom for daily practice and written instructions.
    5 problems of dividing decimals
     Optional google search: Geometry
         IXL explore this website for working on 5th grade division of decimals, and geometry. 10 - 15 minutes daily or so. This website will give you a chance to explore math concepts we've done, as well as dive into new stuff. If you have questions e mail me or send a google doc, and I'll respond with some assistance.
    District resources:
         Go to the district website> Scroll down to find the Optional Educational Resources>Choose Elementary>Click on Weekly Learning Resources and Recpmendations for Grades K-5>Choose 5th grade.
    Please send me a copy of the district work ypu do so I can track those assignments as well. Submit them as google docs.