Name: Ms. Renée Cruickshank
    Room: D-1
    Position:  HEALTH Grades 6, 7 and 8
    Education/Teaching Background: Graduate of The Evergreen State College and Pacific Lutheran University
    At TMS since 1999
    Phone Number: 360-709-7581 voice mail during school hours. E-mail is generally the best point of contact.
    Classroom Communication Strategies: 
    E-mail is the best way to get a quick response if you have questions.
    Information (and/or links) to assignments and due dates can be accessed through Google Classroom (via student log-in).

    Cruickshank Health Schedule

    1 6th grade
    2 6th grade
    Homeroom 8th grade 
    Lunch 1  
    3rd Planning
    4th 7th grade
    5th 8th grade
    6th 8th grade

     Link to class syllabus