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    Name: Ms. Renée Cruickshank
    Room: D-1
    Position:  HEALTH Grades 7 & 8 Fitness Grade 6
    Education/Teaching Background:
    Years at TMS:
    Phone Number: 360-709-7581 voice mail during school hours
    Classroom Communication Strategies: 

    1st period

    Health 7 or 8

    2nd period

    Health 7 or 8

    3rd period

    Health 7 or 8

    4th period


    5th period

    Health & Fitness 6

    6th period

    Health 7 or 8


    Individual help, test retakes, etc. on Opps days

    Class Syllabus

    Questions about grades in the Health section of Health and Fitness? 

    Log into Skyward and click on an individual assignment to see a specific grade, any comment notes and details about the assignment such as when it was due and when the last date to make corrections or retake is.  If you still have questions after that see me or e-mail me.  It helps me if you put your class period and letter in your e-mail.

    Absent Students:

    Please check in with me via e-mail while you are out or in person as soon as you are back. I will do my best to quickly, but thoroughly, catch you up. Please do your part by coming in when you return rather than waiting for days or longer.

    Need help? Need to retake a test or find out what you missed while you were away?

    I am almost always available in the morning (as well as during Opps). Students can get a pass from me that will allow them to leave the commons early to come to my class. See me for the pass.   You can get off the bus when it arrives with a pass from home or me.  This gives you morning time to take care of what you need to make up or fix for Health. 

     You can now access the Teen Health textbook online. The instructions are all on the Health Class Links (read them carefully).