• Eagle Science!

    Mr. Chris Gundersen
       Room: B-9
         Subject: 7th Grade Science  - Team KRAKEN
           Phone Number: 360.709.7470  
        Email: chris.gundersen@tumwater.k12.wa.us
         BMS Family Landing Page: Family Landing Page Link
    Mr. Gundersen has taught science to 7th graders in TSD since September of 1995.  Elective courses taught include human anatomy, pop-culture, survival skills, and recently 3-D Design and Lego Robotics.  He has taught science in middle schools since 1990 and is a NBCT in Early Adolescence science. He grew up in Olympia, graduated from OHS and now resides in beautiful temperate Tumwater.  It's the water and a whole, whole, lot more.
    This School year: 2020-2021  

    This year is the year of the Pandemic Remote Learning Experience.  Although we had a short orientation regarding this type of instruction in April - June 2020,  Student grade marks were not affected.

    My daily schedule is below.    Please email me or call me.  My contacts are listed above. 

    What's next?    AMPLIFY science This site is a link for parent overview of our curriculum.
    The exploratory for this year is "Science Of Technology".   Which is a Project Lead The Way curriculum.  The 2018-19 school year was my last year as a robotics instructor.
    1st Period  - Monday & Thursday    8-9:45 Science
    2nd Period  Monday & Thursday 9:55-11:40 Elective - Sci of Techn
    3rd Period  Monday & Thursday 12:15- 2
    4th Period  Tues & Friday Science
    5th Period     Planning
    6th Period   Tues & Friday Science
  • Lab Safety Contract

    This attachment contains the lab safety contract for Mr. Gundersen's science classroom.  It should be signed and returned to the classroom as soon as possible.  Skyward (family access) assignment also has this document attached.
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