Team KRAKEN!Team KRAKEN! Mrs. Fancher

    Name:  Andrea Fancher   
    Room:  B-6
    Subject:  7th Grade English Language Arts
    Phone Number:  709-7468
    Professional Biography
     I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, where I attended Whittier Elementary, Tacoma Baptist School, and Curtis High School (home of the Vikings).  For college, I moved to Seattle, studied at Seattle Pacific University, and obtained my degree in Language Arts and Elementary Education.  After graduating, I moved to San Diego with my husband (Jeff), where he attended law school at University of San Diego while I taught first grade in Eastern San Diego.  After Jeff graduated law school, we moved back to Tacoma, and started our family.  Our first baby was Lexy (now 28, attending her final year of medical school at Creighton Univerisity in Omaha, Nebraska), next came Jeremy (presently a 25 year old Seattle Pacific University graduate doing graphic design for Bethany Community Church in Seattle), and Jessica (a 23 year old graduate from Western, taking a year to explore the world--starting in Australia).  While my kids were little, I taught piano lessons and finished my Masters in Education. 
     We are a soccer family.  All of our kids played soccer from Kindergarten on. My family loves to waterski, snow ski/snowboard, visit Jeff's family in Hawaii, and fish for bass.  In my spare time (after grading papers), I read, play the piano, read, shop, read, play with my dog (Nollie), read, garden, read, and also I really love to read.  My favorite books are all of the Harry Potter books (the seventh was my favorite), Lord of the Rings (including The Hobbit), the Hunger Games, Gone with the Wind, and anything by Roald Dahl.  This year I read all of the Ranger's Apprentice series (kids love this book--very action packed), re-read my favorite Harry Potter books, and I'm planning on re-reading all of the Georgia Nicolson books (a laugh-out-loud diary of a teenage English girl).  I love to write; I even wrote a book but never had the courage to send it out anywhere--yet. This is my 10th year teaching at Bush Middle School, where I have the best job in the world!