• Mrs. D.

    Name:  Teresa Davenport
    Bachelor of Science-Weber State University
    Masters in Curriculum and Instruction-Lesley College
    National Board Certified Teacher-ELA
    Room:  15     Google Classroom
    Grade Level: 5th Grade ELA/Art 
    Phone Number:  360-709-7385
                                                    dancing colored pencils
       Fifth Grade is fabulous!  You'll explore a variety of genres and writing modes in ELA.  Art is integrated into many reading activities as well!  Research, write, and present projects on various topics to develop your research and writing skills.  Read fiction and nonfiction to explore character development, plot and point of view.  Work independently, with partners, and in small groups as you grow as a reader and writer.  Fifth grade is a great year to cement strong friendships as you prepare for middle school, too.  I am excited to spend 5th grade with YOU!