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 Kellie Swisshelm   
            Room 35
               5th Grade Science and Social Studies
**Starting Monday 4/27 all assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. Mrs. Dahlen and I will be sharing her Google Classroom.
I will be posting assignments each Monday for you to work on throughout the week.
Answers to GROW 25
1. 1000 miles
2. Honolulu
3. United Kingdom
4. Montgomery
5. Hudson Bay
6. a narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas of land
7. Southern
8. North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Antarctica
*4/20 GROW 25 (in the 5th Grade GROW tab).  I will post answers on Friday.
I still need Colonial Times Slide Shows from many of you.  Share with me when you finish.
Also, don't forget to read and take you AR tests. 
Answers to GROW 24
1.  Idaho
2.  Northwest
3.  Choose 3 of the following Gulfs: Mexico, Alaska, California, Maine
4.  Neither (Missouri: Jefferson City Kansas: Topeka)
5.  Asia
6.  Canada (but depending on how you read the question it could also be Russia)
7.  East
8.  Boston, yes
Have a great weekend. Check back on Monday.

*4/13 Keep working on your Colonial Times Slide Show.  Share it with me when you finish.  
GROW 24 is now on the GROW link on my website.  Most of you have your atlases, my homeroom probably doesn't, so they will need to use an online atlas.  Just write your answers on a piece of paper. I will post the answers on Friday.
For Science we are going to try a new website.  I would love to hear how it goes.  The link is below.  
Also, don't forget to read and take you AR tests.  There is a link on the BLE homepage that allows AR tests to be taken at home.
*4/6 Happy Spring Vacation
No new assignment this week.  The weather is supposed to be nice this week, so get outside and enjoy the sunshine!  Check back next Monday. 
*3/30  You need to work on your Colonial America research.  I know your gathering grids are at school, but you can do your research on regular paper.
Gather information on the following topics during Colonial times:
Play (what they did for fun)
Traditions and Celebrations
Something that is interesting to you
When you finish your research you will need to create a Slide Show.  Each topic will need a slide with a title, picture, and at least 3 facts.
Since we are primarily working on Social Studies, Science will be Study Jams time.