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    Name:  Lisa Kuhlman
    Room:  7
    Grade Level:  3rd
    Phone Number:  360-709-7377


    *Room 7 Welcome*

     Welcome to 3rd grade and room 7!  The following are some guidelines for making this a successful year for all. 

    First of all, you can always reach me at school.  My classroom phone number is 709-7377.  Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns.  The best time to reach me personally is in the morning between 7:30 and 8:30, or leave me a voice mail any time if I can’t get to the phone.  E-mail is best for time-sensitive messages as my computer is on all day long and I don’t always notice the flashing light on the phone if I miss your call.  My e-mail is lisa.kuhlman@tumwater.k12.wa.us

    Daily Log

          Monday through Thursday your child will bring home a daily log.  This is meant to serve as a communication tool and keep you informed as to what we are working on, homework assignments, important upcoming events, etc.  Please read the log each day and initial it to indicate that you have read the information and that homework has been completed.  Then send it back with your child the following day so I know you and your third grader have communicated and followed through with assignments.   You can also write me short notes there if there is something I need to know for the following day.

    Study Time/Homework 

          When you ask your child if he or she has homework, with the exception of most Fridays, the answer should always be “yes.”  Current research says that a reasonable amount of time for students to spend on homework is approximately 10 minutes per grade level, so that should round out to about 30 minutes for third graders.  The purpose of homework at this level is to promote good study habits, build student responsibility and communicate our curriculum with you.  Short, regular homework assignments reinforce skills, set a routine, provide additional practice and help transition into longer assignments in the intermediate grades.  You can facilitate this process by establishing a regular time and a special place for completing homework, and also by making yourself available for feedback.  Your child should usually be able to do his or her homework assignments independently, however reviewing their work with them and showing interest in what they are doing will motivate them while keeping you in the loop as to what we’re currently working on in the classroom.  Suggested homework activities will be listed in the daily log on the days that it comes home, Monday through Thursday. 

          In addition to assigned work, I ask that students also read a minimum of 15 minutes per night at home.  This requirement is directly related to the research indicating that the more one practices reading, the better reader they become.  Because of our increased curriculum over the years, there is no longer sufficient time in the school day for us to provide the suggested 30 minutes a day for free reading.  Your assistance with this terribly important task is vital to your child’s increased reading success.  Our library day is Tuesday this year.  Students are allowed to check out 2 library books as long as they have returned previously borrowed books.  Your child should bring home library books within their AR zone to read each week.  Spelling and basic math fact mastery are other subjects that will benefit from regular additional practice at home. Reading vocabulary words will usually come home on Monday.  Quizes are Thursday or Friday, depending on the week. 

    Grading Policy 

          We have two reporting periods or semesters.  We will also have mid-semester progress reports which will coincide with parent-teacher conferences in November and again in March (only for specific students who need it).    

    Report card grades will be on a scale of 1 - 4.  Daily practice assignments will come home with the traditional star or percentage score.  When you see a paper with a circled 1, 2, 3, or 4 on top, you’ll know it was used as an assessment and will be included on the report card overall grade.

    The interpretation of the numbers 1 – 4 is as follows:
    1 = Evidence of student work is far below grade level expectations
    2 = Student is making growth toward grade level expectations
    3 = Student is on target with grade level expectations
    4 = Student work far exceeds grade level expectations
    *Our goal will be for each student to attain a level 3 in all areas of the curriculum.


          Treats/snacks may be sent to celebrate special occasions.  Please keep them simple so they will be quick and easy to pass out, eat, and clean up.  Cookies or cupcakes are common birthday treats that don’t require extra preparation on this end.  Please do not send drinks or anything that requires eating utensils.

          Birthday invitations can cause hurt feelings for those not invited.  Please take care of invitations outside of school unless the entire class is invited.


    Volunteers are welcome!!!  If you have an itch to help out in the classroom, please let me know by indicating your interest and availability on the Student Profile Sheet.  Specific areas of need for me are clerical help, building reading fluency, and increasing A.R. percentages.  I will also be looking for volunteers to help with field trips, special occasions and/or to send treats for these events.

         There are also many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer for PTA sponsored events.  Look in the school newsletter and on the BLE website for information regarding these special events as they arrive.

    Procedures for Students to Remember

    1. Walking in line – I expect the students to walk from point A to point B in a quiet orderly fashion, respecting the learning taking place in the classrooms around us.

    2. Entering the classroom – Quietly enter the classroom, put things away in an orderly fashion, check in, turn in homework, sit down, and follow posted instructions and/or daily routines.

    3. End-of-class dismissal – Make sure you have your log completely filled out with the teacher, wait until the teacher dismisses you, pack up, clean up, then line up.

    4. Bathroom – Use the bathroom at times other than when teacher instruction or group activities are taking place, preferably during recess.

    5. Questions – Be considerate of those individuals who “have the floor,” be respectful of all questions asked, and ALWAYS take a risk and ask any time you are not sure of the directions.

    6. Coming to attention – Consistently participate in the attention call/response taught the first day of class.  Then…

      1. freeze,

      2. turn and face the teacher; pay attention and keep your eyes on the teacher, and

      3. listen to instruction.

    7. Attendance:  When students are absent – Find out what you missed from your class buddy.  If you need further assistance come to talk to the teacher.  I will be more than happy to help you get caught up, however, it is your responsibility to come to me and ask.

      *The first and last 10 minutes of the day are very important for getting students off to a good start and making sure they have important papers and information before going home. 

      School starts at 8:55.  Please make every effort to have your child inside the classroom doors no later than 8:55.  If your child is getting breakfast, add 10 minutes to your regular arrival time.  If you must pick up your child early, it would be extremely helpful and less of a disruption to classroom instruction to let us know well in advance of the end of the day so your third grader can assemble any important papers and get daily log information before they need to be scooting out the door. 

      Likewise, there is no day during the school year that is less important or less valuable than any other.  Your efforts to schedule appointments and vacations outside of school hours are very much appreciated by me and will make a positive difference in your child’s education. 

      Should you choose to take a vacation during regularly scheduled school time, I will send a vacation homework sheet with your third grader and we will keep a folder of missed written assignments for your child to make up upon returning.  I do not send future assignments home before-hand with vacationing students as it is impossible for me to predict exactly where we will be in the curriculum when your child returns.

    8.  Rules – We will discuss how our classroom will operate the first week of school, arriving at common working principles all students agree upon.
    9. Consequences/Rewards – I firmly believe in intrinsic motivation and natural    consequences.  These are discussed individually and as a class focusing on goal setting.  Students will, however, have the opportunity to earn Paw Pride tickets that can then be “spent” on rewards.  Students who consistently exhibit undesirable attitudes and behaviors could find themselves on a behavior contract.  Should this become necessary, parental involvement will be required.   
    10. Make sure that you come to school every day with the materials that are needed, a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and a positive attitude; ready to learn.


    Grade 3 Recess/Lunch Schedule:

    a.m. recess:  10:15-10:30
    lunch:  11:40-12:05
    lunch recess:  12:05-12:20
    p.m. recess:  1:45 – 2:00


    Library will always be on Tuesday and Technology will always be on Friday this year.  Music and P.E. will alternate depending on the week.  On week A, there will be two Music classes – one on Monday and one on Thursday.  P.E. will be taught once a week on Wednesday.  On week B, these classes switch, with P.E. classes Monday and Thursday and Music on Wednesday. 

    All specialist classes are taught from 10:30-11:10.  Most Fridays we have a 2:10 dismissal for ACT days.

    You will find both A and B schedules below.  We will also do our best to keep you informed via the daily log of which schedule we are on each week.



                Schedule A 2017-2018    














                   Schedule B 2017-2018














    Again, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 360-709-7377 or you can email me at lisa.kuhlman@tumwater.k12.wa.us.  I’m an early bird, so morning is usually the best time to catch me. 

    Many Thanks, 

    Lisa Kuhlman