• A.G. West Black Hills High School Dance & Drill Team

    2022-2023 Black Hills Pom Pack

    Coach: Miranda Holbrook 

    Contact: miranda.holbrook@tumwater.k12.wa.us

    Social Media: IG - bhhs_danceteam 



    The purpose of this program is to provide entertainment to the public, promote school spirit, encourage teamwork, create personal growth in areas other than dance, and create memories.


    Core ValuesL-D-RSHIP


    Put the team first and have the back of your Coach and fellow dancers.


    Show up on time to practices and events. Be helpful to all members of the team and deliver follow through with tasks delegated by leadership.


    Treat all team members and coach with respect. Whether it is a day-to-day interaction or giving feedback, everyone deserves respect and professionalism.

    S–Selfless Service

    If a teammate asks for help, you will offer your time or a solution. Continue to practice choreography and build your skill set on your own time.


    Live up to the team personal conduct and maintain eligibility standards.


    Always tell the truth and do the right thing especially when no one is looking.

    P–Personal Courage

    Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and learn/adapt to new things.


    Here are some questions you might have about our program:


    Do I need to have dance experience?

    Absolutely not! While it is encouraged to have studio training, our program provides summer training that will get you up to speed! This includes technique classes, team studio classes, dance team camps, and fitness and conditioning training. We ask that students understand the hard work, maturity, and dedication it takes to make progress, never perfection. 


    What activities does the BHHS Pom Pack provide?

    The Pom Pack performs routines at sporting events, assemblies, parades, and other scheduled events attached to the school and community. We attend leadership retreats to create a strong communication system among leaders and team members. Team bonding activities and events are a high priority and we hold activities every month.


    Can I still join the team?

    Absolutely! Email Coach Miranda using the provided email or message us through Instagram.