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    Name: Penny Marksheffel 
    Grade Level: Math I.F. 
    Phone Number: (360) 709-7150 x3154
    Professional Biography  Penny was born in Idaho a lllooonnnggg time ago.  Three generations of both her mom and her dad's family all lived in the same little town in southern Idaho.  She was lucky enough to have two younger sisters and 42 first cousins!  When Penny was a freshman in high school, her family decided to move to Ketchikan, Alaska, where an uncle and aunt had moved a few years before.  Penny was not happy to move in the middle of a school year at the age of fourteen.  However, she came to love Alaska.  She grew up, graduated from Ketchikan High School and the University of Alaska.  She taught in Ketchikan for 22 years, in all grades first through eighth.  In 2007 she decided to move to Washington in order to be closer to her daughter, Amy, and family.  She started teaching at EOE full time in 2008.  She has taught first grade and second grade at EOE. Now she is the Math Instructional Facilitator, helping kids kindergarten through 6th grade be more successful in math. 
     Two of her favorite things about teaching at EOE (besides the kids) are the wonderful rural setting and the sense of family with so many second generation EOE folks!  EOE also has an outstanding PTO that is extremely supportive of staff and students.