• Name: Sara Adams 
    Grade Level: Technology Specialist 
    Phone Number: (360) 709-7190 
    Professional Biography 
    This is my 10th year of teaching. My career began as a special education teacher and then I ventured into Kindergarten for 3 years. The last two years have been as a writing specialist and now a technology specialist.  I attended St. Martins University with a degree in Elementary education and Special education. The best part of my current position this year is that I get to work with the entire school. 
    This years goals-
    Identify parts of computer, log on using username. find keys on the keyboard, log off the computer, click drag and place using the mouse.
    Older students will be using Google chrome, learning to navigate the internet and do research using different sites. They will be using technology to make brochures, reports and graphs.
    All 1st through 6th grade students will be receiving keyboarding lessons.  
     All students are taught internet safety and responsibility with using technology at school and at home. 
    Tech Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday   Friday
    8:55-9:35 Nicol Tobeck (X) Morrow Linder 8:55-9:35 Nicol (L)
    9:35-10:15 Martin   Borovec Stone 9:35-10:15 Martin (L)
    10:30-11:10 Nicol (X) AMK @10:50 Hollister (X) Martin (X) 10:30-11:10 Fleming (L)
    11:10-11:40 Lunch Lunch @11:30 Lunch Lunch 11:10-11:50 Tobeck (L)
    11:40-12:20 Plan Plan Plan Plan 11:50-12:20 Lunch
    12:20-1:00 Woodall Roberts Milliman Crawford 12:20-1:00 Pettey
    1:05-1:45 Harper Plan Pettey Reed 1:05-1:45 Plan
    2:00-2:40 Tobeck Reed (X) Paddock Fiedler 2:00-2:40 ACT
    2:40-3:20 Fleming Crawford (X) Bergquist Hollister 2:45-3:25 ACT