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    Name:  Seth Hudson  
    Room:  A-46
    Subject:  English
    Phone Number:  (360) 709-7688
    Professional Biography

    In 1992 I began teaching.... swimming.  It was a fun way to get through high school, and subsequently helped get me through college.  Additionally, it planted the seed that would eventually grow into the passion to help kids learn, grow, and succeed.
    I graduated from Seattle University with a BA in English in 1997, and landed my next job in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a barista at Starbucks.  Eventually I decided to put my degree to use, and began substitute teaching in Boston.  I found my first pedagogical family at Dorchester High School, an inner-city Boston school that inspired me as I pursued my Masters degree in Education at Boston College's Lynch School of Education.  After finishing my degree in the Summer of '99, I landed my first full-time teaching gig at Breed Middle School in Lynn, Massachusetts.
    After 5 years in Lynn, I decided to return to my roots and was fortunate, though somewhat conflicted, to accept a position teaching English at Tumwater High School.  To this day, you can find me sitting right in the middle of Tiger stadium when the T-Birds come visit, rooting for both sides, which at times can be a hazard to my health.

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