• Welcome to My Reality

    Name: Toni Hummel

    Room:  204

    Subject:  English

    • AP English Literature and Composition / ENG 111

    • Pre-AP English 9 

    • Pre-AP English 10

    • Sophomore English

    Phone Number:  360-709-7884

    Email:  toni.hummel@tumwater.k12.wa.us  (Best way to reach me.)

    CLASS PAGE:  Parents, please be advised that the student is responsible for knowing the agenda of the class.  To check the current class agenda, including assignments and due dates refer to Canvas Announcements (or when in class, the class white board) that is updated every Monday. Your student should have a planner - either old-school paper or digital (pictures work)- that they share with you. 


    Remote Learning Open House Presentation  

    Remote Learning Syllabus 


    We are a Canvas Course:  

    Schedule 2020-2021

    • 1st  Period: Pre-APE 9
    • 2nd Period: Sophomore Eng
    • 3rd Period: Sophomore Eng
    • 4th Period: Pre-APE 9
    • 5th Period: APE Lit and Comp / ENG 111  
    • 6th Period: PREP
    • 7th Period: Homeroom

    Professional Biography:  Portland State University

    • Masters of Education, August 2002
    • Bachelor of Arts, June 1999
      • English
      • Women’s Studies
        • Minor: Minority Studies