• Math Teacher

    Name:  Mike Gibbons
    Room:  101
    Subject:  Math
    Phone Number:  360-709-7881
    Professional Biography
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    Graduated from Ilwaco HS in 1980.  In 1987, received Bachelor's Degree from the University of Portland.  In 1992, receieved Master's Degree from the same institution.  GO PILOTS!!
    Profession:  Have been teaching for 24 years.  Started teaching in 1987 as a "Substitute Teacher" in the Evergreen School District.  Also coached 9th grade football at Cascade Junior High.  After getting married in 1989, took a job at Nisqually Middle School in North Thurston Public Schools.  Taught for 12 years in North Thurston, at both Nisqually Middle School and River Ridge High School.  Coached Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Golf.  In 2001, took a position at Black Hills HS as a mathematics teacher and football coach.

    The Math Department at Black Hills offers many interventions including classes, a Math Help Center, and before/after school tutelage.  I'm hoping teacher webpages become another part of our "Pyramid of Interventions."

    Pyramid of Interventions Part 1.ppt
    ; Pyramid of Interventions Part 2.ppt

    If you look at my resume, you'll see one of my goals is the integration of technology and the math curriculum. Creating lessons on PowerPoint has been one of my attempts at said integration.  I've always wanted students to have access to lessons when they are away from the classroom.  I'm hoping this webpage offers such access and becomes another intervention for students.  I see this page as a doorway that may lead to:
    • Today's lesson, handouts and assignment
    • An opportunity to review previous material
    • A glimpse at what's on the horizon

    I'm thinking... possible access to math instruction 24/7 and I'm really excited.


    My Family

    Jacqui and I have been married for 21 years.  We have two children.  Beth is 7 years old and goes to Peter G. Schmidt Elementary; Jacob is 13 and goes to Bush Middle School.

    Jacob plays TCYFL Football and on the BMS Football Team; he plays AAU Basketball for the Olympia Hoopstars and on the BMS Basketball Team; he plays USSSA Baseball for Sports Unlimited; and he also plays guitar for the BMS Jazz Band and Choir.

    Beth dances at Center Stage Dance Academy.

    Jacqui teaches math at Aspire Middle School for the Performing Arts.
    Period 1: AP Calculus
    Period 3: Algebra Basics II
    Period 4: Pre-Calculus
    Period 5: Algebra I
    Period 6: Pre-Calculus