• Lisa

    Name:  Lisa Summers (she/her/hers) Mantra: No Barriers!
    Room:  Gym, Spin Room, Athletic Fields, Bike Lanes, #opt outside, Dance Floor, Mat Room, Weight Room, Track, Tennis Courts, Turf Field, Neighborhood Sidewalks........
    Subject:  Physical Education 
    Phone Number:  360-709-7847
    Twitter: @Ivaluephysed
    Facebook: @wolfpackPridE
    Twitter for PE Posts: @wolfpackPridE2
    COVID 2020: 
    All PE students can complete the PE Activity Tracker daily. This allows me to manage what they are doing while the school is closed.  PE Activity Tracker. For students that need help creating an effective PE Activity Schedule: PE Weekly Schedule. Here is also a Wellness Challenge: Wellness Challenge. And for families: For families weekly ideas! Actvity Tracker that simply involves coloring in when specific activites have been completed: Pencil and Paper Activity Tracker. Letter I sent my students April: PEople Keep Moving Letter
    Google Classroom Codes:
    Freshpeople: onkfc3g
    Health Club Fitness: 65kjpsh
    Sports & Fitness: n45k7wt
    Professional Biography:  Graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Physical Education and BS in Exercise Science. Earned my Master's Degree from the University of Washington where I specialized in Assessment.  In 2008, I become a National Board Certified Teacher in PE, and renewed my certification in 2018.  I have been teaching secondary PE for 24 years.  I enjoy my role as a physical educator.....I want my students and the community to commit to living a healthy and fit life!  I am a proud wolf and I am proud to work at BHHS. Come be part of my PE wolfpack.   #Smarter #Fitter #Healthier #Happier #FavoriteCLASS!
    Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year (first semester/second semester):
    1st  Sports and Fitness/Freshpeople PE
    2nd Health Club Fitness/Health Club Fitness
    3rd Health Club Fitness/Health Club Fitness
    4th PREP
    5th Freshpeople PE/Sports and Fitness
    6th Sports and Fitness/Freshpeople PE
    PE Overview (includes purpose, power standards, grading policy, rules/expectations, course descriptions, state and national standards, & expectation checklist) Syllabus
    Bike Permission Sheet   Bike permission form--signature needed
    Calendars for Semester One--please allow flexibility as some activities will be extended or changed for incleemnt weather, availability of space and equipment.
    PE Overview of activities for each semester.
    What's Important Now in PE: expectation overiview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvRL8tHBeIM&t=5s
     Pacing Guides Pacing Guides