Portugal 2015

     Name: Kelly McNeal
    Subject:  Math         Room: 128
    Phone Number:  360-709-7878
    Schedule: Period 1: INT I
                     Period 2: AA2
                     Period 3: INT I
                     Period 5: INT III
                     Period 6: INT III
    I reserve the right to make improvements to my course expectations - all changes will be
    posted here on my website. 
                                         2018-2019 Schedule
       Period 1 & 3: INTEGRATED I                                                                              
                (For tentative pacing guidelines, please click in the INT I TAB shown on the left)
                  MOD 2 Quiz A: Thursday: 11/1
                  MOD 2 Quiz B: Friday: 11/9
                  LINK to MVP Resources: http://www.mathematicsvisionproject.org/secondary-mathematics-iii.html 
       Period 2: Accelerated Algebra 2          AA2 Course Expectations       
               (For daily assignments, please click on Accelerated TAB shown on the left) 
                   Quadratics QUEST (PC): Thursday 11/1
                   RETAKES: Wednesday 11/7
                               Graph QUEST
                               SOLVE QUEST
                               Quadratics TEST (85 possible)
                   Chapter 6 Quiz: Tuesday 11/13
                   Chapter 6 Test: Tuesday 11/20
       Periods 5 & 6: INTEGRATED III                                                    
              (For daily assignments, please click on the INT III TAB shown on the left)            
                    MOD 2 QUIZ B: Tuesday 10/30
                    MOD 2 TEST: Monday/Tuesday:11/5 & 11/6
                    RETAKE Mod 1 or Mod 2 TEST: Friday 11/9
     Professional Biography
    After graduating from Gig Harbor High School in 1985 and from Washington State University in 1989, I was hired to teach math and science at Tumwater Middle School. In the fall of 1993, when Bush Middle School was about to open and TMS was about to get a makeover, I decided to make the move to high school. From 1993-1997, I taught mathematics at THS. Because of my exceptional high school experience in a new high school (I was in the fifth graduating class of Gig Harbor High School), I had always hoped to open a new high school. So, when BHHS opened its doors to students on 9/3/97 (my thirtieth birthday), I was ecstatic to be at BHHS and have been here ever since.
    Please realize that this website is a work in progress and is totally a product of the unique mind of Kelly McNeal.
     Happy Day            Celebrate Math