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    Name:  Dale Reeves (he/his/him) Mantra: Always Help & Never Hurt!
    Room:  #122 Periods  1, 2, HR, 3 & 6 #122 ASB office Periods 4 & 5
    Subject:  Leadership/Activities Director/Facilities Manager
    Phone Number:  360-709-7809w & 360-742-6564c
    Hello!  I teach periods 1-3, Homeroom and 6th period.  Feel free to contact me via e-mail: dale.reeves@tumwater.k12.wa.us  work/office phone 360-709-7809 or if it is an urgent matter on my cell 360-742-6564

    Google Classroom Codes:
    1st period- Intro to Leadership Code:


    2nd period- Intro to Leadership Code: 



    3rd period- Advanced Leadership Code:



    Homeroom Code: 
    6th period- Advanced Leadership Code:
    Professional Biography: 1985 Associate of Arts graduate of Wenatchee Community College. 1988 graduate of Western Washington University with a double major in Special Education & Physical Education.  I received a minor in Traffic Safety in the summer of 1988 from Central Washington University.  Shortly thereafter, I earned my Master's Degree in Leadership in Education from the University of Portland. Finally, I earned an Administrative certificate from Antioch University in 2000. I'm starting my thirty-sixth year of teaching.  I played college basketball at both Wenatchee Community College and Western Washington University.  Go Wolves!   
    Hobbies include: Playing golf and investing/trading in the stock market.
    Leadership Make Up Assignments: Simply click on the link and determine the appropriate activities for the number of excused absences to be made up.  Unexcused absences are not applicable.