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    Name:  Dale Reeves
    Room:  #103 Periods 1 & 2  #212 Period 6
    Subject:  Leadership/Activities Director
    Phone Number:  360-709-7809
    Professional Biography: 1985 Associate of Arts graduate of Wenatchee Community College. 1988 graduate of Western Washington University with a double major in Special Education & Physical Education where .  Received a minor in Traffic Safety in the summer of 1988 from Central Washington University.  Earned a Masters Degree in Leadership in Education from the University of Portland in 1995 and a Principal's certification from Antioch University in 2000. This is my twenty-ninth year of teaching and I am the current girls' and boys' golf coach at Black Hills High School.  I played college basketball both at Wenatchee Community College and Western.  Go Wolves!   
     Make-up assignment: Simply click on the link and determine the appropriate activities for the number of excused absences to be made up.  Unexcused absences are not applicable.