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    Name:  Dale Reeves (he/him/his) Mantra: Always Help & Never Hurt!
    Room:  #122 Periods  HR, 2 & 6 #212 ASB office Periods 2-5
    Subject:  Leadership/Activities Director/Dean of Students
    Phone Number:  360-709-7809 w & 360-742-6564 c
    All students are expected to log in to all Zoom calls using their first and last name.  If you need to know how to change your current user name here you go! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-aV66EkPk3faUwacGkI0OttBW5K0U1Py/view?usp=sharing

    Open House- Welcome Parents/Guardians Video: https://youtu.be/vuCaiNqYrH8
    Google Codes:
    Professional Biography: 1985 Associate of Arts graduate of Wenatchee Community College. 1988 graduate of Western Washington University with a double major in Special Education & Physical Education.  I received a minor in Traffic Safety in the summer of 1988 from Central Washington University.  Shortly thereafter I earned my Master's Degree in Leadership in Education from the University of Portland in 1995 and an Administrative certification from Antioch University in 2000. I have been teaching for thirty plus years and I am currently the Lady Wolves golf coach at Black Hills High School.  I played college basketball both at Wenatchee Community College and Western Washington University.  Go Wolves!   
    Hobbies include: Playing golf and investing in the stock market.  
     Make-up assignment: (Not applicable at this time due to virtual Learning.) Simply click on the link and determine the appropriate activities for the number of excused absences to be made up.  Unexcused absences are not applicable.