Registrations for 2020-2021 Intermural Sports Program are closed as of 3/29/21.
    Please contact 360-709-7550 if you have questions.


     Important Notes from Intramural Parent Webinar on 3/31:

    • Safety for students and staff is #1 priority
    • In-person learners will head straight to cafeteria after dismissal for study hall; remote students or opposite cohort students must wait until 2 pm to enter school (through main student entry for temperature and symptoms check by Health Assistant or school staff and then to cafeteria. 
    • Students will need to wear TMS Intramural shirt each day, bring their pinnies and a water bottle (sanitize shirts weekly at home)
      • Sport-specific equipment (e.g. knee pads, shin protectors/cleats) are not required
      • Students will use restrooms in cafeteria/commons/hallway to change during study hall
    • All families need to complete Q3 and Q4 Attestation in Skyward Family Access (online and not in the app) before students can participate
    • All families need to complete the Annual Emergency Health Form before students can participate
    • Unfortunately, PM Activity bus is not confirmed as of 4/1
      • If confirmed, PM Activity bus would pick up students from TMS and drop off at 6-8 hub locations from 4:40-5:45

    When: Mar 31, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Topic: TMS Intramural Sports Parent Webinar*

    *= will be recorded

    Intramural Sports Webinar Topics:

    • Program Overview
    • Expectations
    • Safety
    • Parent Questions 

    Please click the link to view the webinar: video recording

    Link to Intramural Parent Webinar Google Slide show in video recording 

    Daily Schedule (Mon/Tue & Thur/Fri)

    • 1:45 - 2:30: Supervised Study Hall in Cafeteria
      • In cafeteria 
      • Students change in available restrooms (Cafeteria/Commons/Hallway)
        during this time
      • Students clean their desk/chair before dismissal
    • 2:30 - 4:15: Intramural Sport Participation
    • 4:15: Student Pick-up


    Athletic Director/Administration - Nick Reykdal <nick.reykdal@tumwater.k12.wa.us>

    Volleyball (Season 1)

    April 12 - May 7

    Soccer (Season 1)

    April 12 - May 7

    Track (Season 2)

    May 10 - June 11

    Coordinator: Jenny Field


    Coordinator: Jenn Hyer-Long


    Coordinator: Norm Hjelm



    • Annette Greeno
    • Kailyn Berry
    • Norm Hjelm
    • Paul Kramer
    • TBD


    • Bob Nichols
    • Travis Schultz
    • Jenn Slemp


    • Robert Kondrat
    • Paul Kramer
    • Jace Feldmeier
    • Annette Greeno
    • Bob Nichols

    We will be offering a no-cost after school intramural sports program for all 6th-8th grade students.

    Please indicate your interest in participating in our program to help us plan accordingly.


    • Requirements
      • Complete Intramural Registration Google Form (registrations closed 3/29)  


    • Season 1: Co-ed Volleyball & Co-ed Soccer (must choose one)
      • Can choose to participate on in-person days (for Hybrid students) and remote learning days (excluding Wednesdays)
      • Dates: April 12 - May 7
      • Up to four days a week (Mon-Tue & Th-Fri)


    • Season 2: Co-ed Track
      • Can choose to participate on in-person days (for Hybrid students) and remote learning days (excluding Wednesdays)
      • May 10 - June 11
      • Up to four days a week (Mon-Tue & Th-Fri)


    • Program Details
      • No athletic fee for students 
      • Registration form (with Insurance Policy information) required before participation
      • Includes a t-shirt and sports pinny (scrimmage vest)
      • Supported by Intramural Supervisors (paid TSD coaches/staff)
    • Safety Protocols
      • Masks are required at all times
      • Social distancing guidelines
      • Sports-specific requirements as per WIAA, Tumwater School District policies will be followed
      • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing procedures
      • Daily cleaning of equipment and facilities
    • Remote Learner Participation
      • Can participate in one or both cohort groups
      • Must provide their own transportation to school


    • Program Schedule
      • 1:45 - 2:30: Supervised Study Hall
      • 2:30 - 4:15: Intramural Sport Participation
      • 4:15: Student Pick-Up





    Archived Information 

    TMS WIAA Athletics for 7th and 8th Grades


    All players must be cleared by Athletic Secretary Kristine Kaschube prior to starting practice.


    Complete each school year prior to the student's first sport season.
    Complete for each additional sport prior to the season.


    • $25.00 ASB card fee (once per school year)
    • $40.00 participation fee for each sport (waived for Free/Reduced Lunch)

    Contact Kristine Kaschube with questions, kristine.kaschube@tumwater.k12.wa.us or (360) 709-7501. 


    GRADE CHECK DATES FOR ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY (subject to change per the Athletic Director):  Sept 26, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2, Jan 13, Feb 3, Feb 24, March 16, April 20, May 4