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    Welcome Back!

    Hopefully students and their families have spent the summer relishing the time off from school and spending a lot of time outdoors.  Using the summertime to re-energize helps you come back to the classroom with renewed enthusiasm and energy.  If you found time this past summer to fit reading into your regular schedule, you get bonus points!  Either way, as you get back into the routine at BMS, make sure the Learning Hub has a prominent place on a daily basis.  Come in for research resources, for books to fulfill your core class requirements, or for books to read recreationally.


    As well as utilizing the Learning Hub during the school day, you can also use this webpage at any time in the day to assist you with your research and reading needs.  It is filled with a wealth of resources that can help you be more successful in the classroom.  Here are just some of the examples:


    • Click on the Research Resources link to access resources that will assist you with your research projects


    • Click on the Suggested Reads link to get some examples of great books to read.


    • Visit the home page of the Online Catalog for a variety of useful links that can help you be successful in your daily schoolwork.  Then use the Catalog to check on the availability of your favorite books.  Students can also create an account on the Catalog to manage their activity - create book lists, put books on hold, add reviews of books.  Check with the librarian if you have questions about how to make that happen.


    • Look at the Library Promotions page to discover Hub-related activities that occur during the year.  You may find something there that sparks your interest.  Get involved!


    • On the For Families page you will see resources that can help students from home and Hub-related information for parents.


    Hopefully, as you take the time to explore the pages of the Learning Hub website, you will find reliable links that you can return to often to get information that will help you be as successful as you possibly can as a student.  And if you are having trouble finding anything, stop in and bend Mr. Hagen's ear - he will do his darnedest to find what you need.  Welcome back, and have a great school year!



    Are you new to BMS?  Take a virtual tour of the Learning Hub to learn your way around!