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    One popular choice of students doing research for a report is to go right to the Internet.   Often students will choose websites to include in their research that are less than credible.  It is important for everyone to remember that ANYONE can put up a website with ANY information they want, be it fact or fiction.  How do you decide if the information that you find is credible?  According to Educational Leadership, you should ask yourself these five questions:

    1. Does the information make sense? To answer that, students should check other sources, including other Web sites.
    2. Where else can I look?  Students should make secondary keyword searches, and check some print resources on the subject.
    3. Who created the Web site, and why? Check out the "About Us" section of the Web site.  Do the biographies sound real?  Is there a credible connection between the creator of the site and the subject matter?
    4. Who's the author? Do a Google search of the author to learn if the person has written related material and is qualified to comment on the topic.
    5. Who's linking to the site? Links can tell you a lot about the credibility of a site.  Go to Google's search box and type "Link:" followed by the site's URL.  That will lead you to the credentials of linking sites and shed some light on whether the site in question has valuable information.

    Taking the time to check into the validity of information that you plan to utilize in your research will assure that what you are sharing in your report has credibility!



    All Tumwater School District students have access to the Timberland Regional Library’s online resources, whether they have a physical library card or not.  When logged in, students will have access to math, science and history resources, language study programs, ebooks, music, audio books, newspaper, magazines, practice tests and much more.  Earlier this school year, students were given their access codes to this vast resource.  Simply go to the MyTRL page to log in.  The user name is the student ID number (without the “t”), plus their two-digit birth month, plus their four-digit birth year.  The PIN is their two-digit birth month plus their two-digit birthday.  This access is available at school or at home.  A reminder that this just allows access to digital resources.  If you want to check physical copies of books, you still need a Timberland Library Card.






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