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    As summer approaches, it is important to remember that even though school may be taking a break, learning should never take a break.  Wherever you and your children go this summer, you can always take a book along!  To help make that summer reading time more fun, the Timberland Library has activities in which your children can take part. The library has creative activities scheduled throughout the summer for teens to take part in.  To find out what’s happening for teens this summer, check out the Teen Summer Reading page HERE.


    You can find Teen summer events on their events calendar HERE.


    Check the Timberland website for information about their Teen summer program, and incorporate some of their events into your super summer!


    And go to the Teen page on the Timberland site for a one-stop shopping site for activities and resources HERE.


    Use your local Timberland Library branch to help enrich your summer activities, and remember to take books with you wherever you go!








    It is the time of year for all books to begin coming back to the Learning Hub for the summer.  You can bring books directly into the Hub on Mondays and Tuesdays, or put them in the return box any day of the week.  The return box is located outside the entrance to the Hub.  If you have overdue books, they eventually become fines on your account.  If you have lost books, then the expectation is that you pay to have the book replaced.  The fines don't go away at the end of the school year - they remain until books are returned, replaced, or paid for.  So, avoid the fines, and get your books back before the end of the school year, so you can have a clear conscience over the summer!





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