Welcome to the PGS Library Website!
     Librarian reading
    Mrs. Glass, NBCT Teacher- Librarian
    phone: 360-709-7242                                                                                                                                                    

         The library is the hub for the PGS learning community! Every day I look forward to
    connecting students to books they will love and helping everyone learn to access the infor-
    mation they need. Because I support teachers in every subject area, I am always learning
    new things, too.
         This year we are settled into our beautiful new nest! I am looking forward to the
    increased opportunities to collaborate with Mrs.Seldomridge and classroom teachers for 
    research and technology.
         This is my 12th year at PGS as the teacher- librarian. I taught 5th and 6th grades at MTS, 
    and substitute taught grades K-12 in Tumwater schools before that. I intended to teach
    reading at the Kindergarten level, and received my Education Degree from the University
    of Michigan with a major in Early Childhood. Later I earned my Learning Resources Endorse-
    ment and in 2011 achieved National Board Certification for Library Media.
         Tumwater teachers inspired both my daughters towards their career pathways- my oldest 
    daughter was encouraged  by her science teachers at TMS and my younger daughter's art 
    teachers at TMS and BHHS were a huge influence and support system, too. I feel fortunate to 
    teach in Tumwater and in particular to be part of the PGS staff.
           Besides time with my family, traveling is my favorite pastime (this summer I hope to look
    for troll stories and Viking history in Norway, see The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark, the mid-
    night sun in far northern Finland and, hopefully, a reindeer!) along with reading(of course!),
    working on our very old house and garden and long walks/hikes and kickboxing.