The staff at Tumwater High School is committed to preparing students for success after high school. School attendance habits, such as attending school regularly and arriving to class on time, translates into a quality individual. In the event your student is absent, please call within 24 hours: 


    We do not take notes from parents - we only accept phone calls. You may call the attendance number 24/7 and leave a message to excuse an absence. Please leave your name, your students name, a short message, and a phone number where you can be reached. I do check messages often. 

    If you need an early dismissal for an appointment, please call that day, as early as possible, to allow the attendance office to deliver an early dismissal note to your student. Please keep in mind it may not always be possible for us to reach your student immediately.  

    A planned absence  form (here) is necessary for prior arranged absences, such as family vacations. Your student may also pick this form up at the attendance office a few days before the absence.  

    18-year-old students may NOT excuse themselves.  They still need to have a parent/guardian excuse them.  (There is one exception:  Independent Status students.  However, these students must gain Independent Status through Administration approval.) 

    If your student is absent you can request homework by emailing the teachers. Contact information for all teachers can be found on the THS website. 

    If you receive a call from the automated system informing you that your student was absent, and you have discussed it with your student, but feel it was in error, please have your student come by to get an attendance printout so the teacher can sign it. Once it is returned to the attendance office with the teacher’s signature, the error will be corrected. 


    Please contact the attendance office at 360-709-7620 or e-mail Mrs. Hagen if you have any questions.