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    Career and Technical Education

    Choosing a career isn’t easy, which is why Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a great place to start. CTE is a program for every student, combining hands-on experience with academics. The classes help students connect their English, math, and other core skills to potential careers.
    CTE encourages leadership, positive work habits, good communication, and teamwork sills that make entry into the workplace more successful. It is the launching pad for a successful professional life.
    Our CTE program also helps students understand the world of work and how to become productive citizens. It builds the ability to be a valuable employee through the leadership skill training that is integrated through every CTE class.
    All CTE programs are designed to help students get ready for a future career. Whether the career requires a university or college degree or other post-secondary education, students can start their preparation for that career in a hands-on educational environment that simulates the world of work.
    All High School CTE courses meet occupational education graduation requirements as defined by OSPI.