• Tidbit History of Chambers Prairie (renamed East Olympia)



    -- June 1, 1918 -- Chambers Prairie Community Club started documenting meetings on June 1, 1918. They worked on the Bylaws and elected officers.


     -- June 4, 1918 -- The very first celebration they organized was a picnic and a Fourth of July celebration on community grounds. On June 4, 1918, they were still in planning and were talking about assuming a debt of a piano and they did assume that debt on June 18, 1918, from the Parent Teacher Association. 



    -- June 18, 1918 -- Mr. Smith (store owner) was going to have the lemonade stand at the celebration. A report was given on clearing the land and to have a work party! The dance committee was formed and the proceeds of it were to be applied to piano debt.



    -- November 19, 1918 

    The community club was planning  a dance on Thanksgiving night. They were planning to get a keg of cider and serve three kinds of pie, coffee and sandwiches . The price was 10 cents for pie, 10 cents for sandwiches and 5 cents for coffee.



    -- On Dec. 17, 1918 


    The Chambers Prairie Community Club met at the school house. They were planning a "Watch Party" on New Year's Eve. They were going to serve cake, sandwiches and coffee without charge.