• Tidbit History of Chambers Prairie( renamed East Olympia)

    -- Chambers Prairie Community Club started documenting meetings on June 1, 1918. They worked on the Bylaws and elected officers.

    The very first celebration they organized was a picnic and a Fourth of July celebration on community grounds. On June 4, 1918, they were still in planning and were talking about assuming a debt of a piano and they did assume that debt on June 18, 1918, from the Parent Teacher Association. 

    On June 18, 1918, Mr. Smith (store owner) was going to have the lemonade stand at the celebration. A report was given on clearing the land and to have a work party! The dance committee was formed and the proceeds of it were to be applied to piano debt.


    -- November 19, 1918 

    The community club was planning  a dance on Thanksgiving night. They were planning to get a keg of cider and serve three kinds of pie, coffee and sandwiches . The price was 10 cents for pie, 10 cents for sandwiches and 5 cents for coffee.


    -- On Dec. 17, 1918 


    The Chambers Prairie Community Club met at the school house. They were planning a "Watch Party" on New Year's Eve. They were going to serve cake, sandwiches and coffee without charge.




    -- Jan. 7, 1919 

    The club voted to give car fare to and from Oympia to be allowed for the Gillettes. They met with approval and motioned to have a play.  A motion made and carried that the play be on Feb. 22, 1919. It was motioned and carried that it be given "Ye Old District School" be given. They voted to buy 5 gallons of gasoline and 1 dozen mantles for the lights. 

    The second Chapter of Mary Carey was read.



    -- Jan. 21, 1919

    The Chambers Prairie Club met at the schoolhouse and they discussed the play and assigned parts.  They charged 25 cents for all playing cards, with $1.70 allowed for prizes. They decided to have entertainment before the 22nd and decided on a card party on Feb.1. They had prizes and refreshments. Two of the men were appointed to see what was needed to put the flag pole in order.