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    Name:  Eric Sarai
    Room:  Room#44
    Subject:  Visual Communications
    Phone Number:  (360)709-7600 ext. 7623


    Greetings from Mr. Sarai
    Visual Communications Teacher, CTE - VisCom, ELA, Social Studies, Film Club Advisor

    How to pronounce my last name:
    Think of the word Nessacary (Nec•es•sar•y) now subtract (Nec•es) and leave (sar•y)

    Me and my kiddo 

    I'm originally from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio, and I am VERY accustomed to shoveling snow. I started working at a printing press when I was 15 years old, which fostered a deep appreciation for introducing young people to skilled trades through apprenticeship and mentorship.  After many years of working in the graphic design industry, I have selected the field of education to support students through CTE: Career in Technical Education. 

    My strengths include a deep understanding of the visual/commercial arts, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and the creative process, elements of art/design/studio habits of mind. I am a reflective practitioner and responsive educator with a strong desire to connect with my students and their families/caregivers. These strengths allow me to create content that caters to my student's interests and ability levels while considering their vastly different learning styles. The motto in my classroom is; process over product. This instructional practice supports the awareness of my student's differing levels of skill acquisition and centering instructional practices around the understanding of art/design creation and the world around my students. Visual Communication teaches students critical thinking and problem-solving skills as ways to create works of art/design and become lifelong learners.

    Period 1: Visual Communications
    Period 2: Visual Communications
    Period 3: Visual Communications
    Period 4: Prep
    Period 5: Lunch
    - Social Equity/Restorative Team