• TVA Attendance Procedure:

    Below is information regarding how attendance is recorded and how Learning Coaches can help record accurate data about student time spent on their school work.  We are starting with attendance that looks very much like attendance at your neighborhood school.  Each day Advisors will check to see if students engaged in their K12 learning and will mark students as Present or Absent.

    • Student Log-in and work times are recorded on the K12 website, we can see these and we can run our attendance and reports off of this data.  This happens automatically when a student logs in to the K12 platform; the time will be tracked automatically while students are working.
    • Learning coaches can add to this by giving a picture of the time worked.  Many times a student will work “offline” on projects, assignments, etc. and the Learning Coach has the ability to add in “hours worked” on their side of the website.  Please help us have a clear picture by adding to the Time if it differs from their ONLINE work.  Here’s a tutorial from the K-12 website: https://www.help.k12.com/s/article/Attendance.
    • If students’ will be absent; or are sick for a day please reach out to:  tva.attendance@tumwater.k12.wa.us.