• Information, Links and Resources for Remote Learning During the 2020-21 School Year

    BHHS Family Resource Guide
    Answers your frequently asked questions about remote learning, logging onto devices, accessing Skyward, and more!

    District Guide to Logging On
    Not sure how to get connected using a District-supplied device, software platform, or learning management system? Confused about Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, Canvas, or other tech tools? Start here!

    Weekly Schedule, Starting Sept. 14
    Mon/Thurs are periods 1-3, and Tues/Fri are periods 4-6, with Wednesday for Homeroom,Image of Weekly Schedule starting Sept 14 2020 independent asynchronous learning, and “office hours”, allowing us to switch to a hybrid model when schools are safe to be reopened to students.  (Wellness and Career Readiness activity times are also provided daily; scroll down for details.) Here's a visual. See here for a video explaining the basics of the schedule.

    What Class Time Might Look Like
    Although each class period is 100 minutes long, we do not expect students to sit on a Zoom for 100 minutes at a time--it’s not practical, and it’s not healthy.   Rather, students will experience a blend of whole-class, small-group, and independent learning tasks during that timeframe. For example, a teacher could start a class by having students watch a prerecorded video explaining a concept, and then open up Zoom to answer questions or host “breakout rooms” for small group discussions.  Students might collaborate on a Google Document or Slide presentation, or create videos using FlipGrid to demonstrate their understanding.  We’ve asked teachers to keep things simple at the start so students can get comfortable with their basic learning platform, then gradually add in additional learning tools. Lab sciences can use virtual platforms for students to engage with what would otherwise be “hands on” experiences. Musicians can perform remotely. Artists can share their work in multiple ways.  The key thing is to understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous activities. Synchronous activities happen at the same time, like a discussion, while asynchronous activities can happen at different times, like watching a video or writing an essay.

    Learning Platforms
    Most of our instructors will use Google Classroom to post assignments and communicate with classes; a few, largely in the English department, use Canvas. Zoom is our preferred platform for synchronous learning, although Google Meet is also used at times. Many teachers use Screencastify to share video recordings.  Students, parents, and guardians can check grades in Skyward (and also use that platform to communicate with teachers via email).  

    Chromebooks / Logging On Successfully
    All students have been issued a Chromebook to access Google Classroom, Zoom, and other important learning platforms. Returning students already have them. Contact the main office if your student has not yet been issued a Chromebook. We strongly encourage students to use District-supplied Chromebooks to access Google Classroom and other learning platforms.  Personal devices, especially phones, can get their "wires crossed" when multiple Google accounts are active in the same browser, and will erroneously tell students that they don't have access.  We are not able to share Google Classroom invitations with personal Gmail accounts, and we can’t provide tech support for personal devices 

    We will use the traditional A-F grading system, with summative assessments (tests, projects, presentations, and other “end-of-unit” assessments) weighted at 90% of the overall grade.

    Connecting with School Staff
    All instructional staff are available via email during school hours.  A good way to contact teachers is to sign in to Skyward and email them through the website (or app) as needed.  We generally expect staff to respond to outside inquiries within 48 hours, weekends and holidays excepted. If you have trouble connecting with a teacher, please call the main office at 360-709-7800 to connect with a counselor. We have updated “office hours” for staff who may have availability outside the normal school day. Please use the BHHS and TSD websites to stay apprised of current information.

    We understand that remote learning presents significant challenges to families and students, requiring a balance between productive routine and adaptive flexibility.  Students are expected to be present during synchronous instruction to the best of their ability. If a student is unable to attend synchronously, other ways of being counted present include logging into the learning management system (such as Google Classroom) or turning in completed work that same day.  Teachers will be able to input attendance the next school day if needed, to account for students who needed to log in after school hours.

    We don’t want to deluge your inbox with constant messages, so we ask our teachers to send mass emails to families no more than once per week, and no less than once a month. Your admin team will send out a weekly update until school has settled into a good groove, by mid-October.

    Special Education
    Our Special Education teachers will be reaching out to families of students on their IEP caseload to determine the best individual plan for each student.

    Food Distribution
    Our hardworking kitchen staff are producing to-go breakfasts and lunches for students, available for pickup Mondays through Fridays (except holidays) from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at BHHS. After turning off Littlerock Road and arriving on campus, turn left to go to the student parking lot.  Enter the building at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) entrance and follow the signs to the kitchen.  You'll exit through the Art hallway, making a loop back to the parking lot, to facilitate social distancing.