• Welcome to the Tumwater Virtual Academy!


    TVA offers flexible and customized learning for Tumwater area students and families.  TVA creates caring community connections by providing a high-quality online learning experience with local Tumwater School District Teachers.

    • TVA builds relationships between caregivers and educators, on behalf of students, to make sure individual needs are met.  Students in TVA have the best of both worlds - flexible online education with robust course offerings and access to in-person opportunites at neighborhood Tumwater School District Schools.  
    • Students enrolled in TVA complete all coursework at home while having access to all the activities, athletics, clubs, and enrichment offered at their home school. TVA utilizes the high-quality K12/Fuel Ed curriculum and materials.  A Tumwater School District teacher is assigned to each student, depending on grade level to provide instruction and support.  

    Students and families choose TVA online program for a variety of reasons:  

    • High-quality, comprehensive program
    • Learning designed around needs of the individual student
    • Taught by Tumwater School District teachers
    • Flexibility in schedule and learning
    • Family preference
    • Health needs

    Students enrolled in TVA receive:

    • Quality instructional materials and curriculum based on state standards and district practices. 
    • Personalized academic support
    • Opportunities for virtual interaction with teacher(s) and peers through video conferencing
    • Access to specialists, including school counselors, special education teachers, EL teachers, and other staff
    • District-provided Chromebook