• details YB is a full-time program that helps young people ages 16-20 earn their high school diploma or GED while getting hands-on training and work experience in the Construction Trades or Professional Medical Careers. Many of our students have struggled with obstacles that are getting in the way of their path to success – including poverty, violence, abuse, drugs, fear, and lack of support. YouthBuild offers hope and a second chance to overcome those obstacles. Throughout the program you will become part of a team and build lasting relationships with other students and staff who are committed to helping you reach your goals in the classroom, on the jobsite, and in life – all while earning up to $3000!

    • Academics: YB students will have the opportunity to finish their high school diploma or GED while getting ready for college, technical training, or an apprenticeship. 
    • Career Development: Students will receive ongoing job readiness training to learn what employers want in the work place. YB students learn how to get a job and keep a job by showing up on time, every single day, with a positive attitude.
    • Personal Development: Most of our students have struggled to focus on their education because of challenges outside of school – so we have a dedicated team of Case Managers who help our students manage issues with poverty, housing, medical coverage, mental health, substance abuse, lack of support, and anything else that gets in the way of your success.
    • Leadership: At YouthBuild we focus on developing students who will become great young leaders by making good choices for yourself, your family, your team, and your community. Here’s how we do it:
      • Yourself: Setting goals and developing your strengths and skills
      • Your Family: Providing for the most important people in your life
      • Your Team: Building a support system of YB students and staff
      • Your Community: Serving low-income families and individuals
    YouthBuild works best when students are motivated to finish their education so they can enter the workforce.  Construction graduates can earn direct entry into union jobs earning over $27/hour.  Nursing graduates can immediately begin working in the healthcare field earning over $15/hour with opportunities to quickly grow. Syllabus
    • Age 16-20 years old
    • Committed to earning your diploma or GED
    • Ready to learn employability skills and earn a paycheck
    • Determined to make positive changes
    • Interested in learning about Construction Trades or Nursing

      Steps to joining our YouthBuild team:

      1. Click here for the 2020-21 YouthBuild Application!
      2. Interview: YB staff will contact the student to set up an interview this summer.
      3. Orientation: Qualified students will attend an Orientation in August.
      4. Mental Toughness: Candidates will try out for YB during Mental Toughness (Sept 9-25).
      5. Selection: Students will be selected for the full-time 2020-2021 program will be made on Sept 25.

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